Hello Hive! Third is in the House at your service, My Hive Intro Post!

Hello Hive Community,

I Wasn't really sure how to properly introduce myself but okay here it goes. At First I was afraid, I was petrified kept thinking I could never live without you by my side 😂 just kidding LOL!

My onboarder, @nikkabomb, introduced me to Hive about a day ago. She is my partner in Mandani Bay Project way back 2018 in our previous company,

So much of that pre-introduction, let's get really started!

Make A Move Make a Move Say Yes!! Yes!!

"That's Me"

I am Manuel Valley III but my friends and relatives called me "3rd". I am the eldest in the Family and I have two younger siblings. Next to me is A boy while the youngest is a girl. I live in Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines.

I am a father of a beautiful daughter and a live-in partner to my amazing partner. We are currently living together with my partner's relatives. We have three dogs which are all playmates with my daughter.

"This is My Partner and My Daughter"

I am an engineer who's been working for almost 7 years now. I am currently working at Cebu Lights Industrial Park here at Basak Lapu-Lapu City,Cebu. Our project here is a Medical Factory owned by a Japanese since I am working in a Japanese firm under an agency.

Another fact about me is that I love cooking but cooking doesn't love me. And that my friends is the reason why I went to engineering 😂 just kidding again. Actually the real reason is due to our financial status. My parents cannot afford to send me in a prestigious culinary school here in cebu, so I ended up taking up Civil Engineering instead. It is somehow also related to my dream course which is measuring of ingredients. But instead of measuring of flour,sugar, and baking powder, I measure cement,sand,and gravel. Isn't it amazing? At least I've got the right mixture to make a structure more rigid. hehehe
But if given the chance I will still love to pursue the passion I love the most which is cooking but for now I need to focus on providing my family's needs especially now I have a daughter, I would like to give here anything that I want her to have. I want to give my loved ones the life that they deserve. Because for me, I believe that being able to provide the needs of my family is the true definition of success. It has always been my ultimate dream to be a provider, the pillar of the house, the dependable member of the family! Seeing my loved ones happy is my kind of fulfillment. "Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure."

Apart from my passion, I love also watching anime, inspirational movies ,and Sci-Fi movies in my free time. I also love collecting sneakers. I am a big fan of Lebron and I often collect Lebron's signature shoes which my onboarding, @nikkabomb, had once bought from me.

"Some of my collections"


"This is the Shoe that nikkabomb bought from me"





"Bron's and Other Signature Sneakers"

There's so much more that I want to tell you about me but I'd rather unfold the rest of it in my next blogs. I am happy to be here and very much thankful to @nikkabomb for her patience and undying support. I know she's been very busy but she's still helping me from making me understand what Hive is up to the walkthroughs she thinks I'd be needing.

Well, here's to a new beginnings! Cheers!

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