Are humans dependent on conflict?


The idea that humans need conflict or are addicted to conflict is an idea I have experimented with in the lab of the mind using observations afforded by travel and life.

I have come to a conclusion.

Humans are not dependent on conflict or (when it appears to be) 'addicted' to conflict.

Instead there is a shadow present within the behaviours of the 'conflict addicted' human.

This shadow is an energetic presence that after intense analysis and observation cannot reasonably be attributed to any other cause.

Neuro-chemistry is certainly part of the mechanism - as is the possibility of the interaction of magnetic fields of the heart and mind between the conflicting individuals - but these are just as I have stated, the mechanism - and not the cause.

The body is an interesting instrument. One has to question why exactly it exists and for what purpose and in this particular configuration of physical make-up.

Once the avid observer starts to question that whether or not perception as provided by the senses alone can provide definitive proof of every motivation present within human behaviour - then the observational experiments can begin.

Often these experiments begin because the user of the body has a hunch - or has experienced great pain for seemingly no causative reason in the karmic way of looking at things and then starts to question the physical world and its place in the big picture.

What is the role of the physical?
What are the senses and what information do they provide that is reliable in ascertaining a concise blueprint of actual reality?

These questions must be asked in-depth by the identifying thoughts that represent each body and then the observational experiments can begin with an open mind in the genuine search for an objective reality.

The scope of the information I am presenting now is not to go in-depth as to why perception is not reality. I can offer an article I've previously written on a similar subject.

I seek to define the mind and its mechanisms in the spirit of genuine inquiry as decided by myself using internal observational experiments over a long period of time - traveling the world as a vagrante and a street musician and living on the street for years around Australia.

I have come to the realisation of truth. I have seen enough behaviour in many different forms while in a state of controlled observation to arrive at decided conclusions on things. Conclusions that are repeatable and that stick and that are often not what the average Joe considers to be 'reality'.

I have also a very intricate method of inquiry that allows for discussion, reduction and modification of said truths - simply said, a truth that I may have discovered is certain in this uncertain world - is that no one person can have a complete picture of reality based solely on their individual experience (no matter how well experienced the person may be or seem - even the most learned of teachers).

This at least provides an admission that I may be wrong - but my assertions are not without a large amount of pre-examination. I have come to the ability to trust myself when I 'know' something is right and follow it through - then I will engage in a new 'experiment' to see if that hunch is indeed true. Often discovering it wasn't true exactly but learning new things in the process.

We must always be aware of confirmation bias of having only yourself as a reference point and that is why numerous discussions on the subjects I present are previously carried out with various friends, hitch-hike lifts and random people. I reference their reality with my own and come to a more complete picture of what IS. All aspects must be considered and critically analysed.

Slowly over time - a complex picture of what is actually going on is built. Everyone is capable of this. We need simply to learn how to observe.

Here's a start to understanding a good method of observation - observation through inquiry - without defining the mind:

Having said all that as my disclaimer - let me now continue on the subject at hand.

Humans are not addicted to conflict as it may appear at times.

They are addicted to energy.

A phrase spoken by Jesus goes here, "Man cannot live by bread alone."

In my travels as a street performer I have discovered the existence of 'energy'. It is not a normal energy per se. It is an energy that is unseen and yet triggers bodily responses through the mechanism of the mind with dopamine, endorphins, hormones etc.

In studying reality with observation I have come to the conclusion there IS an interdimensional existence. I have not experienced it directly/personally (or consciously) but I can tell there is something else going on - simply by observing the 'shadow' it leaves in the physical world. Human purpose, motivation and behaviour cannot solely be explained by simple needs like happiness, food, water, shelter, care for children etc - there are other things going on.

You can go down a rabbit hole about belief systems and the human need to find meaning as a necessity for survival and explain why power is such an intrepid human need this way. I have done this for myself at times - I have however, found this definition to be lacking. I wondered why major world leaders who apparently champion science still used astrologers and practiced rituals for gain. I wondered why intention + emotion literally had the power to create and manipulate reality. I could go on...

Belief systems themselves are not adequate. They are mechanisms for energetic distribution and not the energy itself. Symbols are a good example of how energy can be distributed from humans to 'another place'. Why is symbology SO important to the Catholic Church for example? If their message was so powerful and so right - why do they need to use and claim dominant symbols in consciousness?

The bible clearly states not to use graven images - purer forms of the Christian belief system, do just that and refuse to use even the cross as it doesn't represent Jesus' true message by advertising the symbol of his death and torture.

The Catholic Church even promotes the very act of killing Jesus by using the cross - yet every good christian in its massive arches believes they are putting their energy on the winning side.

Yes, there are belief systems but these systems are representative of greater unseen energetic structures that provide distribution for the acquisition of energy in the dimensions.

Demons exist - but they are not 'demons'. There are simply entities. There is no 100 percent good or bad entity.

This is a deception. One group of organised entities will lambaste and demonise the other side, placing themselves as totally good and the others as totally bad. This is false, it's a deception and it's been carried out for thousands of years. War is a good indication of how this plays out. The victor of a war places their own god as the victor on a spiritual level while demonising the conquered races gods and practices.

Polarity flips in the spiritual world but both sides go on milking.

War when had in the physical is as much a spiritual thing. When I say spiritual I mean 'of the entity domain'.

To accept that entities exist you must accept the possibility that consciousness or sentience can exist without a human vessel by which to experience itself in reality.

This acceptance often comes after the observation of strange experiences, otherwise unexplainable by physicalist rationale. We reject these experiences initially but after they repeat and a strong desire to see things as they really are - we start to question and experiment in the lab of the mind through observation of reactions within the self, others and our environment.

On a smaller scale than a war between nations - consider a conflict you may have had with a friend that you have later come to realise was baseless on both sides.

Then you make up - then you do it again - then you make up - then you do it again - then you make up - you get the picture.

Energy is the common denominator here. Both parties are being led into a cycle by an entity which controls both with energetic dependency. Energetic dependency that is developed because the person or people no longer know who they are without that energy. Thus their identity as who they think they are, is entirely dependent on the addiction to this 'special energy' which to the manipulating entity is only too happy to provide or withdraw - depending on what actions it wants to strengthen or discard in your personality.

It sits in a seat in your mind making transactions of energy in order to trade parts of your character. A kind of remote control consciousness.

An entity can train a human or a group of humans to become dependent on it for their survival (at least make them think that way) - many times pulling that human or group of humans from a place of vulnerability (the best start to a long-term addiction) - it is then also hard at work training a future opposing force - another human or group of humans.

It's making an energetic structure which confines many humans and then milks them like cows.

This conflict drains the human body of energy. There is a single entity that feeds off the conflict of both.

We believe we are having power games but the key motivator in every instance is energy ascquisition.

Back to the larger context of war,

For every war there is a singular winner.

The 'war' between 'light' and 'dark' is a game.

Entities stand on one side and yet other entities stand on the other side coaxing their 'energy addicts' to arms. Yet all entities answer to the same force.

The physical is a power source. Without our input in the physical as bodies the dimensions cannot exist. Our bodies are batteries that provide energy over time for these realms - essentially, the Matrix.

If humans were to assess all of their behaviour and see every irrational behaviour caused by interdimensional disturbance - dimensional existence would be forced to be honest.

Dishonesty here is the use of a human against their true intended purpose while using energy addictive behaviours to lead them into acts that are against their true will.

It is not just 'evil' entities that do this. It is ALL entities.

God and Jesus (wherever they may be) are not discluded from this equation.

Any understanding of reality that supports polarity - supports this abusive structure of power in the dimensions.

As above, so below.

Government, banks, over-arching family dynasties that claim to be benevolent - are representative of the corrupt structures that already exist inter-dimensionally. The idea of an 'all good' world somewhere 'up there' in the sky is one of the greatest deceptions and is also a key creator of a polarized existence.

War profiteering - Take Coke as an example (namely with Fanta) or weapons dealers owned by banking interests - marketing and selling products to both sides of the second world war.

As soon as we lose ourselves in an idea of an 'up there' or a fear of the 'down there' we stop living physically. We stop being present - we stop trying to be present - we give up on ourselves and our reality and we place our hearts and our minds completely at the mercy of a spiritual power which time and time again proves to lead us into abuse - yet we continue to trust it

(holy shite).

I'm not just talking about this cycle of civilisation we're in now - I'm talking also about many, many cycles over thousands of years. Earth is a factory farm. You have the choice to be a battery or live outside of the energetic structure of this corrupt system.

In short

Humans are not addicted to conflict - humans have a tendency to become addicted to energy. However, humans have the capacity to be spiritually self-sufficient if they take the time to understand their own nature through self-observation (it may be the most difficult thing a human ever does). Humans can become trained to succumb to the givers of a 'spiritual energy' in exchange for skills, luxuries, talents, live wants, success, intelligence etc. There is big and small 'contracts' both conscious and unconscious (there is no literal physical signing of a contract with the Devil - sorry for all those that had their hopes up there. I'll let the Devil know that you've got an interest 😉 - he's really a very nice guy when you stop accusing him of shit 😆).

These same energy givers then lead the humans into conflict through this addiction to energy - the energy given off by humans in the act of conflict feeds the entities - this energy assists them in retaining their reality which remains completely unaccountable in the physical world (the ultimate non-liability contract).

Awareness creates accountability. Accountability generates change.

Yes, there are so many possibilities in this world they are uncountable.

Yet, humans focus on acquisition of power above everything.


I admit I lack an exact blueprint of the power structure inherent in the dimensions. I have only snippets of things which I have pieced together to make some kind of blind road map. It is a convenient tendency to resort to the idea that there is one big totalitarian entity hell bent of world domination!


I do not however believe it is that simple.

Interdimensional existence is a very big place. There is everything. I mean everything.

There are reams of power structures governing reams of worlds - existing simultaneously with autonomous independent sovereign beings who stand just as big as any over-arching power system.

The 'power structure' in the dimensions is not a singular one and it is not pyramidical but rather it is horizontal and infinite in every direction.

With this in mind - when we discover how we've been controlled by our own addiction for energy - what is stopping us from living an eternal existence, content and satisfied with the simple nature of being?

Absolutely fucking nothing.

So get on with it soldier!

Fight the good fight or live free from anxiety. Just don't do it in ignorance - live purposefully - driven by awareness - consciously walking into life. And when you come back from the fight worn, torn and beaten - maybe then you'll consider another world.

Maybe not.

The choice is yours.

In love,

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