My Changing "Backyard" Views

Is that by waving a magic wand, you might be wondering?

No, but the panoramic views are magical, picturesque, and gives me that otherworldly feeling I get from living a life on the paths less traveled and explored.

Here, I'll share with you the changing views of my "backyard" over the past 3 days, however, if you're so inclined and prefer to believe these changing views are magic, let me reveal how this trick is done:

Series 1: Monday's "Backyard" View


On a mobile floating home that's narrow and long, we replenish and care for our boat engine, start the ignition, and we chug along canals, that used to be the main transportation in the industrial era across Britain.


We cruise at our own pace, observing canal rules of slowing down while passing other boaters who are moored up for short breaks, or boats moored long-term at private moorings along the canals.


The thing is, there are different ways of living aboard your boat; you have the options of being continuous cruisers - living in any one spot for 2 days, and as long as 14 days in a particular area or town, which is what we do, or you have the options of staying at an enclosed, private marina, or at private long-term moorings along stretches of the canals.

My husband @scubahead and I enjoy the freedom, and ever-changing views, locations, and ambiences, that one is guaranteed to experience while continuously cruising.




Above were the surrounding views from my bedroom, and bow of my boat that were taken on Monday afternoon, when we decided to moor up for the day to catch up on some domestic tasks and boat maintenance which are essential parts of living on a narrowboat.

Series 2: Tuesday's "Backyard" View

Then comes Tuesday, we rise and shine to the gleaming sun and fresh air from the abundance of nature and a range of water fowls and birds that independently survive on their natural environs, and we say unspoken goodbyes and move onto pastures equally green.



Some days like today, we admire home owners perched happily in their backyard gardens along the canals (their views only changeable by narrowboats with boaters seeking idyllic and desirable spots for their backyards).


Our backyard on Tuesday was along this busy path with walkways leading to supermarkets and shops for us to top up our supplies.


This was different but equally beautiful and we got the chance to exchange pleasantries with neighbouring boaters which ended up in an extended coffee break and the tour of boat of a lovely couple, Robert and Janet who lives 6 months of the year on their boat for the past 8 years.

Series 3: Wednesday's "Backyard" Views

Wednesday, my favourite day of the week, and it must have been the god Odin who timed our schedule with this magical picture-postcard spot, of uninterrupted views of hills and pretty green grass.


I could feel my facial muscles flexing upwards by a happy grin from seeing what was spread before my eyes.





Yes, this was my backyard on Wednesday evening, and I captured these images immediately upon mooring up and assisting the skipper with securing the lines of the boat.




We quickly had our evening dinner of leftover spicy jerk chicken, baked with small cubes of sweet potatoes, whole onions, and fresh thyme, served with fluffy basmati rice with butter and hints of lemon juice, while taking in the views of our backyard.


Before you know it, the sun's going down, and the skies are dramatic with beautifully forming clouds, which is making our hearts sing.


It honestly looks otherworldly, and makes me happy to be in the universe, and a great sense of happiness knowing that it's my backyard.


Feelings of freedom, and gratitude makes me content, and living a minimalistic lifestyle is like the icing on the cake. I never stress wondering if, or what my backyard view for the evening will be, I just take in every minute of precious moments along the canals.

One of my positive affirmations are the words of Wayne Dyer:
"The universe provides abundantly when you're in a state of gratefulness."

Thank you for stopping by, it was nice sharing my backyard views with you.

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