Fear Among Flight Passenger When The Airplane Malfunction But Later Made A Safe Landing

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The news on the above topic made a top headline in Nepal yesterday. One of the major domestic airlines of Nepal i.e. Buddha Air had technical glitch in one of their flight. This airlines mainly operate all over Nepal and to India as well. Yesterday, it took off from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal with 73 passengers along with 4 crew members. The final destination was Biratnagar located in eastern Nepal. During landing it had some landing gear issue.

The primary indicator was not showing if the landing gear was open but secondary was showing ok. The pilot confirmed with the air tower and the personnel confirmed it and told the flight to return back to Kathmandu. The landing gear was already opened despite the glitch. In the Kathmandu, it kept flying for around 1 hour in order to empty the fuel. The airport was shut down for 30 minutes. When the fuel had finished off it was preparing for an emergency landing but ended making a safe landing. The landing gear was already opened as I mentioned before. Only their system was showing a glitch.

Such a careless mistake from a reputed airline ignited fear and trouble in many of the passengers. Remember how they were feeling when they had to circle in sky for an hour and the pilot told them to prepare for an emergency landing. And at last nothing was wrong. From the saying of one of the witness, there was fear among all the passengers. The passengers were thinking they won't survive after seeing Nepalese army, police, fire brigade and ambulance inside the runway from the window. Many of them were requesting to open the door and they will jump off the plane while flying low. Even when everyone was crying inside I respect the pilot as he didn't forget his sense of responsibility and his priority is the safety of passenger. Imagine if he had got hopeless with those crying around, there might have been possibility of accident. The air hostess also maintained calmness with tears in her eyes saying they will safely land everyone. But really hats off to the pilot. He adhered to the "Zero Tolerance Policy" by emptying the fuel. If the landing gear issue was real then landing off with high volume fuel tank would have caused an explosion. The crew did a great job. Its the duty of airline company to do a periodic checks of their flight from time to time.

Here's the clip of flight circling the sky:

Here's the clip of safe landing probably from the official twitter page of same airline.

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