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New Hobbies



It's been a little bit since I last created a post, life's been pretty crazy and new hobbies have entered my life leaving me with little time to craft a worthy post. I am hoping to open up some time so that I can get back on and post semi-regularly like I almost did, I miss the excitement and joy getting on here with notifications of comments and upvotes. I didn't think I would like it so much, but I'm happy I do.


As of somewhat recently, I have started to invest in myself and start going to the gym regularly. I am already starting to notice improvements! I never would have expected myself to be one of those preachers but oh boy the gym really does become your second home and make your crave to go more.


I've made sure to make this permanent for a while by buying some supplements, knowing me, I will fully go through with my fitness plan as I spent soo much on supplements. No turning back now. The image I made is pretty accurate to what I have currently, besides the creatine seen.

To begin, I have Dymatize ISO 100 protein powder and I have to say it is beyond delicious! I expected it to taste bad but mixing it with almond milk made it taste almost exactly like chocolate milk. I would drink it constantly but almond milk is pretty expensive so I have to be a little conservative with it. Total War pre-workout.. I've heard amazing things, but I guess I chose the least liked flavor. Sour gummy bear is quite unbearable for me, so I do not suggest it but it gets the job done. I do love the feeling it gives me, and I have tons of energy to get through a whole workout without any drop in energy. My creatine is bad, but its cheap given the amount you get, and unless your taking pills creatine will always taste pretty bad. I love the blender bottles, huge and good for the price as the package linked comes with two.

My Fitness stuff:

Creatine - Click here!
Protein Powder - Click here!
Pre workout - Click here!
Blender Bottles - Click Here!



Battlefield 2042!!!

I am beyond excited for the gameplay reveal of the next Battlefield! I've been waiting for another BF that will give me the same chills as Battlefield 4, undisputedly one of my longest played games.



Expect a post about the gameplay reveal and all of the information needed to hit the warzone soon! Gonna be a crazy and fun ride, I can't wait to see everything EA has to show us. I hope it's not a flop, all of us gamers know EA and their pretty scummy marketing tactics in the past.

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