Day 1 of Dictatorship

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As I said in my last post, our president has decided to take all the power by force, starting by last night.

Today he worked hard to make sure of it.

In just one day:

  • Two international press teams were victims of his dictatorship. Al Jazeera's office was raided by the police and closed. Al Araby's team was confronted on the field and stopped from filming.

  • The representatives of the people were prevented from entering the parliament and resuming their work by the police and the army by orders of the new dictator, announcing that the country will have to last one month without a parliament.

  • The governor was fired, along with three ministers (interior, justice, and defense) promoting their second in line temporarily until the president forms a new government.

  • All public service offices got closed for two days.

  • All political leaders who have leading positions in local and central authorities got forbidden from traveling.

This guy is not wasting time. And it looks like all this was planned beforehand.

Of course, there were protests against him in front of the parliament, trying to help the representatives get inside, but the president's supporters also gathered there showing their support for his decisions.

The situation in the country wasn't going well before all this and many people rightly blame the government and the parliament. People wanted change and the president offered it on his own terms. He saw an opportunity and he took it.

Now I hope the resistance that most of the political parties are showing would stop him from further breaking the constitution or at least minimize the damage by announcing a date for a poll or any elections to give the power back to the people.

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