Introduce My Self : Survivor in Hidden Paradise

Hello world, i’m a writer from East Indonesia, not profesional but writing is my new hobby. My name is Fathin. My current age is 26 years. I am the second child of 5 siblings who lives in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. I like to read books and travel to the forest. My favorite book is a novel from Farida Susanty entitled "Dan Hujan Pun Berhenti". My interest in the novel comes from the strong main character. Besides that, I also like reading novels and other knowledge.
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After a very tiring journey of life, I decided to get married this year. I feel very happy and can enjoy my life more in a different way. I married someone I knew 2 years ago, met in this small town as fellow nomads. We had a good relationship until we finally decided that getting married would complete our lives.
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We got married in my hometown in Medan in a very simple way. Combining 2 different cultures, we are grateful that everything is always made easy. The whole family supported us and it felt really good. After getting married, we returned to the place where we would start our journey as a couple, namely in the city of Masohi.

Since 2018, I live in Masohi, Maluku, Indonesia. So far from my hometown. At the beginning of my wanderings, alone away from my family, everything was very difficult. I never traveled far from home before, but now I am thousands of kilometers from the land where I was born. I have to do everything by myself. it made me believe that I had to become a learner. I have to adapt in terms of culture, language and social order which is different from the land where I was born. This year is the 4th year overseas. It's a lot of experience and knowledge that I got here. I spend most of my time working. I really like my job that's what makes me comfortable and happy to be here.

I currently work in the forestry sector. The thing that made me decide to be a part of this field is my love of the forest since I was in senior high school. In the past, I used to climb mountains, explore forests, play in streams with slippery steep cliffs. So far, I'm more and more interested in what I'm doing. Because I think it's very important to do the work we love and make us feel comfortable doing it. I found many other sides and it made me want to learn more and get to know the nature inhabited by humans. Meeting new people, getting to know new animals, enjoying new types of plants, which I never knew existed in this world. This is a very pleasant long experience.
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I started to decide to write because I felt there were too many moments in my life that I wanted to tell. To others it may not be important, but to me every second that I pass with my feet is precious. I feel excited to share my whole story.

That's why I feel grateful to someone who introduced me to how to share my story.
I was introduced to this beautiful community by @anggreklestari
Thank you for the introduction and i wish that i can make and share a lot of good memories in here.

That's all my introduction. Thank you.

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