On defining the life; Who has the right to do so and why?


We are defining our own lives, as they are perceived with the variants we are using. And we should not have reality defined from any places, since there is freedom and diversity in nature, and since our competence and experiences define what we are doing and why. And stupid relations should be moved and deleted.

Life is journey where we are thinking, and some are not thinking, and we are reacting on things that are happening in relation to which background we have. And religion defines what we are believing and why, and in Christianity we believe that God has created everything in reality and in the universe, and that we should believe in God and in Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ is the salvation in life.

Definitions are often used in sciences, when trying to find the relevant concepts with their corresponding empirical variables in nature and in human nature. And we can do research and doing the creativity manners and analysis manners that one just could imagine with being a human. What is possible to happen? And what does this imply and why?

We are open for the fact that churches can define our lives, if we are believing in something. But if we do not believe, we find satisfaction in Big Bang, intelligent design, natural selection and the survival of the fittest. And we should make the choices that we want in life, and we are free to think and act just as we want. And according to Sartre, every human is born in life, but during the life we develop our personality, and we get a meaning and a perception of why we are as we are. And we can mean what we just imagine of different things, and life is open for reflections, and we we do not always think of heaven or hell.

What is really the life as the journey we perceive it to be? The characteristics of life are: Made of cells, display organization, grow & develop, reproduce, adaptation through the process of evolution, respond to stimuli, use energy, homeostasis. And we just need families and friends around us, and new people that we want to know and to love independently of whether they are coming from country X or country Y.

There are many humans in the history of the world, that have wondered about what life is, and what it could be. And the poem: «Not a sparrow to the ground without God being with». And this realization means that God sustains everything in the world. And as humans we can be everywhere, but the best thing is to be with one or more organizations and in nature! “The nature of the firm” is just about how the firm is and which imaginations you have of the firm, and it is written by Coase. Ronald Coase is widely recognised as one of the most influential economists of the 20th century. And Economics is about shadow prices, and alternatives and alternative costs, and there is scarcity in the world with different resouces like capital, human assets and landscape. Landscape is servicescape and hatingscape for many people. Of things that are coming in societies, we are just loving or hating, and this means things for our behavior, also to confront the authorities, and all statements from any angle are made of humans, and therefore everything we perceive is dependent on how we are.

What is really the philosophy of life? A philosophy of life is an overall vision or attitude toward life and the purpose of it. Human activities are limited by time, and death. But we forget this. We fill up our time with distractions, never asking whether they are important, whether we really find them of value. We can do sensible things in life, and/or we can do silly things, and we fill our lives with content and activities, and some of the activities can be important, and some are not. And that is the ways we are living our lives from day to day.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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