My First Introduction to Hive

Hi everyone, this is my first introduction to Hive. I am daotam (Dao Tam) from Vietnam. Currently I am a freelancer and housewife, nice to meet you. I am very eager to become a member and start my adventure on Hive.


How do I know Hive?

Actually, @dodovietnam is my husband. I hope that you know him. He has joined Hive since March of this year. And since then, I've noticed that he regularly writes and shares with people on Hive. He looks very happy with that. He advised me to join Hive and as of today I have decided to join him. And we have to thank @trangbaby so much for her amazing support that brought us here. Without her help, we wouldn't be here. I can't wait to start my journey on Hive from my husband's sharing of the amazing experiences he has had.




Let me tell you a little bit about myself

Currently I am a freelancer working mainly in the field of marketing. I think I'm an easy-going and sociable person. I like the simple and free life. So I chose to be a freelancer. I love animals, especially dogs (I think my husband has written about our dogs before). I love nature and organic products. And of course travel is an integral part of my life. In my free time, I enjoy doing yoga, sewing clothes, reading and cooking. Luckily, I share a lot in common with my husband, so we rarely have conflicts. Currently, we are living in a big city of Vietnam, Da Nang, but in the future we plan to return to our hometown in the highlands of Vietnam to live when we save enough money. My dream is to own a farm or a garden large enough to grow my favorite fruits and vegetables and to give my dogs plenty of space to run around. Currently, we are still in the early stages of that dream, we will do our best to work to make that dream come true.




What do I expect from Hive

Through my husband's sharing, I think Hive is a great place to connect with people around the world and share good things with each other. In my opinion, our life cannot be without connection with the people around us. And it would be even better if we could connect with interesting people around the world. I am eager to get to know people, learn interesting things and also share my story and contribute to the growth of Hive. I hear about a lot of interesting communities on Hive. I hope to soon find my favorite Hive community to interact with. So let me know if you see a community that's right for me.





Thank you so much for reading my post and wish you a beautiful day!

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