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Hi friends, trust you doing great? Damn, it feels so good to write again😇

Who else feels love in the air?😍 Like someone is cutting onions somewhere close or something😂😉. I suspect @lovesniper hands in this😂😂

Right now, with the way I am feeling I want to just shower you all with lots of love😄 but how best can I communicate how I feel for you to understand what I mean?
Have you ever been in that position too when your loved ones doesn’t seem to understand how you feel and your love expressions? Where all your actions and supposed show of love seems like it’s never enough?😔 Can be so frustrating, right?
Well, I have an answer to these bothering questions for you. IT’S LOVE LANGUAGE!!!

Today, I’ll be sharing with you on why it is important to understand the concept of love language, it’s benefits and how It can help build a healthy relationship with people especially our loved ones (friends, family, co-workers and others).


According to Gary Chapman, the author of the best selling book “THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES”, he concluded after conducting series of surveys and counselling sessions that the way we express love as human beings differs and not understanding this most times, has led to broken relationships, hatred among friends and that ill feeling of not being understood. He later summed up these expressions into 5 main types, thus, the 5 love languages.

What are the 5 love languages?

1. Acts of service

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Do you have friends or loved ones who loves it when you do something specifically for them like cooking their favorite dishes, waking them up to meet with an important client, doing their laundry and many other acts?
The acts might even be little but yet they always feel very happy and can give you the world that very moment. These set of friends or loved ones expresses their love at best when you go out of your way to satisfy them.
Shocking right?
Facts has shown that most married women are in these category. She feel loved when her husband does house chores, prepares breakfast for her while in bed and many other small but specific acts.
Most times, people in these category are always tagged as “too demanding” and misunderstood.

2. Physical touch

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People in these category loves to hold hands, hug, touch and do other physical activities with their loved ones or friends.
This is my love language. I always love to hold, touch, hug and be all over my friends especially my female friends. I basically can’t have a conversation with a loved one without touching them or holding their hands. Weird right? 😂
People with physical touch expressions can be all over you especially a sanguine. The down side is their intentions might be misunderstood if these acts are done with people who don’t understand them and sometimes can lead to catching wrong signals.

3. Words of Affirmation

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Words, they say can tell what’s on your inside. People in these category
loves getting assurances and sweet words from friends and loved ones. A simple “ you look beautiful this morning” can drive them crazy with smiles. They love texting, calls and letters. I personally call them the “content seekers”😂
They can give anything to hear words of encouragement from their loved ones, co-workers and friends. It’s like their daily fuel.
People in these category can get hurt easily with hate words.

4. Quality time

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Do you have that friend who will always want to hang out? That friend who just wants to be around you for no reason? And sometimes makes you feel like they are stalking you?😜
Funny right?
People in these category can give anything for that quality time and don’t easily forget moments spent together. They can some times be tagged as “an attaché” if they tend to crave quality time too much.

5. Gifts

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Buying gifts of various kinds and surprises makes them very happy and feel loved. They most times ask you to buy gifts as a show of love.
Someone is finally happy I mentioned this? 😆😜
Well, they might sometimes be tagged as “too demanding” and “insatiable”.

Benefits of understanding your love language

• Understanding love languages can help build an healthy relationship with friends, loved ones and even co-workers. Nothing beats having an healthy relationship with people as this gives peace of mind and increases productivity too.

Remember that:

Healthy Relationships are not born, they are developed.

• It creates empathy and improves bonding
• Helps improve ones relational skills with people.


Love languages are important factors in our relationship with people so it’s important we know them and respect everyone’s means of expression.

A quick question though? Do you think love languages can be based on ones mood and environment? Feel free to drop your comments here


For further information, please read “ 5 love languages” by Gary Chapman.

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Don’t forget to like, share and drop comments my friends. Much love 😍

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