Ferragudo - The last fishing village on the Algarve?

Last weekend we made a day trip to a small village here on the Algarve called Ferragudo. We heard that it is beautiful there and that it is one of the few villages that has retained its fishing village character.



The fact that it is right across from one of the largest and most unattractive cities for me makes it even more amazing that it has retained such charm.

The old part of the village along the inlet and opposite the harbour of Portimao, the unattractive city I was talking about, can hardly be surpassed in its beauty. It seems like time is standing still there. I also liked the fact that there were dozens of older portuguise man already drinking beer together at a saturday morning at 10am.

It´s not hard to see and smell that there is still a lot of fishing going on in this tiny village. Old fishing boats, nets and baskets can be seen everywhere here, as well as the smell of fish.



Along some narrow, colourful alleys you will get to the church of the village the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição

It´s really hard to not fall in love immediately with the flair this village has to offer. You will feel relaxed straight away.




It actually doesn´t matter from what angle you take photos of the small houses or the church, it always looks amazing.

I decided that I won´t take my camera anymore for trips like this as the iPhone 12 makes absolutely briliant photos and I´m already thinking about buying the iPhone 13 when I´m in Lisbon next week.



The only downside of this village is that it is really small and after 30min you have seen everything. But with all the picturesque beaches around it´s not hard to fill the rest of the day.

So after that village trip we went to Praia dos Caneiros for a short refreshing dip.


If you climb the cliff behind the beach restaurant you will have a breathtaking view onto the not accessible beach called Praia da Afurada. What amazing colours. But don´t get tricked by the colour, the water is pretty cold.


We ended this great day with a cold beer in the Kalu Beach Bar on Praia Grande.


Oh, and I almost forgot about what else I´ve found in Ferragudo...painted electric boxes. I told you they are everywhere.



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