La luz de la siesta

I love nudes in art. I have always been a lover of painting and naked women have been the main theme of the best artists. So I never get tired of seeing these paintings, so magical, so beautiful, with such embracing atmospheres, with perfect lights and colors, with delicious textures...
In photography masterpieces can also be achieved and although it is full of photographs with naked women, most of them lack that magic that painting has so when I meet a photographer who achieves this I really enjoy it. I must say that lately I have found many female photographers doing amazing nudes, very artistic, soft and intense.
Sometimes I would like to have models to photograph but as I have already mentioned before, we live far from the city and people and it is not so easy, at least for me, to have the confidence to take pictures with a naked woman ... So the option that never fails is myself.


Duotone digital photography

In Hen:

Bárbara Bezina ♥

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