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Hello Hivers!
I am Ruffalyn or you can call me @arLin19. Currently in Cebu City but originally from Carigara, a coastal municipality in the province of Leyte.

Sirao 1.png

A captured moment at Sirao Garden.


Nothing more satisfying than witnessing the sunrise. A breathtaking view at Carigara Bay. Photo credit to my friend NZ.

I've been in Cebu for almost 6 years and I had tried to adapt to this fast-moving environment. From being a pure Waraynon to being a feeling Cebuaynon (Cebuana + Waraynon). Now I can actually communicate 4 languages/dialects โ€” Waray-Waray, Bisaya, Tagalog & English. (It's one of my little achievements! Lol)

I'm a mother of one. And I love being with my child every minute that I have. As stated, I've been in Cebu for years and yet my daughter stays in the province together with her dad and my parents. I go home once or twice a month to be with them even for a little while. So expect on my blogs my travel to Leyte, some of my adventures in Cebu,and my journey of motherhood.


With my cutie patotie. Photo taken during our morning walk at Carigara Bay.


Carigara Bay at its low tide sunset view.


One set of a complete family picture. With Juryz's "I don"t care face" Hahaha.

Once in a while, I visit places in Cebu to relax and discover the beauty of the South. Sharing some of my adventures within my years of stay in the Province.


Refreshing morning at Mt. Olympus, White Hills Banawa.


Ideal place to visit at Taoist Temple Cebu City.

magellans cross.png

A must visit place in the heart of Cebu because of its big part in the history, the Magellan's Cross.

olanggo with the team.png

Groufie with my colleagues during our trip to Olanggo. With @arkicarls.


A quick pose for a 40 minute trekk to Dau Falls Samboan Cebu.


Dau Falls, recognized as one of the tallest set of waterfalls in Samboan Cebu.


Staycation at this private spring resort, at the Durano EcoFarm Carmen Cebu.


A sweet escape from the city life along with the perfect weather. Photo taken at Tabuelan Cebu.


An amazing and captivating view seeing God's creation at Sirao Garden.

san rem 3.png

Holiday vacation from one of the most famous beach resort in San Remegio Cebu.

I'm a soon-to-be architect ๐Ÿคž by profession and currently connected to a multi-national project of a multi-national company.


Site walkthrough with @arkicarls.


2018 memories on our "One Team One Goal" groufie at site mat footing.

I've been in construction management since 2015. I'm a risk-taker. And I usually take jobs that seem to be strenuous, demanding, burdensome ๐Ÿ˜‚ but eventually enhanced to be good at it. I even tried being a graphic designer for months discovering and exploring different software that are new to me like GIS (a software that produces maps and other graphic displays),


A snapshot floor plan for a proposed two-storey residential building.

Revit (software for building information modeling or also 3D software), Blender (free and open-source 3D creation suite; used for animation), Lumion software, and different Adobe software.


Sample office presentation using Lumion software.

Seems amazing right? Knowing things I think at first I can't but apparently, I can! Yet my love for construction drives me back to where I am now. The love of being in an urging and speedy environment that persistently confront challenges.

And that's the reason it delighted me to be part of this community. Weeks have passed since I've attended the Hive Orientation along with my friends, (big thanks to @intoy.bugoy for inviting us and to @indayclara & the team for sharing what the platform is all about). As any person who loves to explore, I am very much excited to discover more about my hidden talents through sharing the things that I love. The things that I will discover more especially by motherhood.

For me, HIVE is a community that allows me to communicate more about myself. So thank you so much Hive Family!
Au revoir!

This is @arLin19! See you in my next blog Hivers....


ar Lin19

I am Ruffalyn, from a coastal municipality in the province of Leyte, a soon-to-be architect by profession and a working mom. Join me as I bring to light the inner piece of me.

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