Glitter And Glam; Here's What I Got After Hours Of Photo Editing

Hey folks!

So I came accross a retouching/editing contest on Instagram hosted by a photographer and I was intruiged. He decided to make available a bunch of raw photos taken by him for everyone interested to edit to their own taste. Of course there was an inviting price attached which got everyone's eyes on the contest.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of skin retouching. Not like it's bad or anything, but where I have a choice, I'd rather not. It takes a lot of time to get it done right. Imagine taking 2 hours to edit 1 photo, that's outrageous. I know how to retouch though, however I'm no pro at it. Skin retouching is achieved through a process known as Frequency Seperation where the tones and details are separated and worked on. I picked out a photo from the ones the photographer provided and spent almost two hours trying to retouch the model's skin. Afterwards, I colourgraded the photo on my smartphone with the aim of achieving dream-like look (I'm not sure if I got that right though😅) which was inspired by the model's outfit.

Here's the photo I ended up with;


I did quite a lot on the photo which includes removing blemishes, tweaking the skin tone, enhancing make up and so on.

You could see the difference by taking a look at the unedited photo below;


I didn't win the contest at the end. I actually didn't have any intentions to though, I just wanted to practice while I'm at home and unable to take photos.

Do you like skin retouching? What do you think about the photo??

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