Elephant family (drawing)


Good evening friends of this art community.

Today drawing an elephant mother and her children. To delineate it was a bit complicated but with patience, detailing and erasing, I gave the sketch symmetry.

With the pencils H and 6B I was outlining and shading where the drawing required. Then I smudged the charcoal to cover the body mass of the elephants and give it that gray tone similar to that reflected in some images.

Procedure. . .






Elephants are very large and heavy animals native to Africa and Asia, but they are animals of great importance in the world.

Elephants are very intelligent, associated with how they behave in the loss of a family member, in games, adoption and when using some tools. Elephants use their ears as a thermostat to withstand the heat.

The females last 22 months of gestation. They can live up to 70 years, if not attacked and killed by man in order to obtain their tusks for the precious ivory.

I hope you all like this illustrated content.

Thank you for the support provided through the vote.

See you soon.

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