today were studying mountains(i think i messed up a little)

background study resize.jpg
I was scrolling my pinterest yesterday looking for some reference, then I stumbled upon a nice picture of a mountain range photo, I just fell in love with it and a background artist i need to learn every elements of nature and to also master them. Im definitely still gona learn some more mountain reference so I can have a rigid reminder of how their forms are.
And in order to create this artwork I first of all
vlcsnap-2021-10-21-09h28m44s698.pngplanned out
my sketch of where i want the mountain to be, no use of rule of third here ,cause it obvious its the mountain i want you to focus on
then i laid out the flat colors for the base on which i am going to build upon, showing the light and dark areas,
vlcsnap-2021-10-21-09h29m16s401.png then i added the mountain detail structures on it ,
I moved on to adding a cast shadow of another mountain on it showing that its not the only mountain in the area there is clearly a bigger one next to it,
finally with he use of the glow overlay, i added more glow to the mountain top, making it pop out more in the artwork.
thanks for stopping by and reading fell free to drop and vote, a nice comment of criticism or encouragement i dont mind either of the two, and you can actually follow as well. have a lovely day ahead, and see in the next post

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