Thinking about the sky (oil on paper)

An happy Friday to you all! The weekend is just around the corner and the weather here is good (even if I can see some white clouds on the horizon). Today I wake up very soon in the morning and so I could work on my art during the fresh hours. After a big cup of coffee, surrounded by the silence cause my hubby (like the most part of peple out of my home. ^_^ ) was still sleeping.
This morning I had a color in my mind: the blue. Blue like the sky, so I decided to paint something using this colors and, in the following pics, you can see the final result:



The subject is a human figure with hair and dress in the shades of blue colors, all of them with some little delicate leaves in white.

It's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A4 size and soon I'll add it to my Artfinder shop. ^_^
In the following pics, you can see the process of this new artwork:





I hope you like it!
See ya soon and stay safe,

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