The house in ocher (oil on paper)

An happy Sunday to you all! Here it's a windy day and the weather is cooler than the days before, so I can enjoy some hours in relax in my backyard and I had good news about the health of my father(and this thing make me really happy ^_^), what's better? Today I also had enough free time to paint a small artwork and so I want to show you the piece I just done about an house in ocher color with a tiny house and a road inside of it:


During the previous days I had no time for my art and so, after I finished this small artwork, my mood is up again.
It's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A5 size and in the following pics you can see the process to make it:




Soon I'll add this new artwork to my Artfinder shop (link at the bottom), hoping it finds a new cozy home. ^_^

I hope you like it and I wish you an awesome Sunday!
See ya soon and stay safe,

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