Day 5 of the "Draw your OC" challenge - Day 5: In Love


Hello everyone at #Hive today I continue with the "Draw your OC" challenge. In my last illustration, I told you that since we are in the spooky month, I was going to add this theme to the challenge. That's why today the theme is "in love" I took myself.

The Process

Now let's talk about today's illustration. I took myself as a character and out of nowhere I came up with the idea of a spider, the drawing is done in a super messy way because the idea came extremely fast and my head was in chaos so I did everything in an improvised and a little sloppy way, but in the end the truth is that I really liked it.
When I realized that the theme of the day would be "In Love" I thought a lot about how I would represent it, especially because now I'm not in love with anyone. So I realized that the thing I spend all day every day with is my computer. So starting the halloween theme and with the theme of falling in love, I decided it would be a spider me in love with my computer. I hope you like it. 😆😂


When I started drawing I thought it would just be the spider's head, then I came up with the legs.


I had to look for spider references because logically I didn't remember what they looked like and they are very scary.

I repeat that I made this illustration in a very messy way with my head in a mess. I didn't separate almost anything in layers, usually I have many layers for each part of the body and its shadows and every detail, in this case I was very careless because my head dictated it.

Here we already started to make the details. I want to tell you that I was very nervous and I thought that if I made a mistake and I had to erase what I had already done, I would leave everything and I would not do anything hahaha.

Improvising at all times using the knowledge I had. I met this brush with which I did all the hairs and I loved it.

How scary those eyes! (did you see the spider in reference? it's so beautiful!!!)

Ok friends, here I stayed in the process, the next thing was to make my cpu with a very basic brush and with somewhat dull details because I wanted the attention to be on the scary character.

Final result


As a final result we have an illustration of a spider Laura in love with her computer. I hope you all like it. See you next time!


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