I have dreamt a dream of DREAMR

Yesterday I finally finished up the backbone draft of my permaculture diploma, published as a peakd collection and visible in its full glory here. Ironically, this post ties in nicely with my 'story on HIVE', and is really only missing many of the technical aspects, discoveries and realizations over that same time.

At some point as I began learning about this technology and participating in it, I saw a problem that I though would be easy to fix.

The problem is Onboarding

I crafted what I considered to be a simple solution to the onboarding problem in 2019, and proceeded to pitch it to a few of my favorite projects, including Contest Kings, since defunct with a rug pull.

I also pitched it to a company I was working for at the time, which also faded into obscurity. Finally in September 2019, I published the idea publically - literally I tried to give the idea away in this post.

At that time, many projects including SteemPress were working on the onboarding project, but no one seemed to see the easy solution I presented, or perhaps they did not recognize it as a solution in the same way that I did. Read the post and let me know what you think.

In order to onboard, all we needed to do was create a middleware layer to eat their legacy data and faciliate posting to the HIVE chain where and when appropriate. Seems easy right?


But even today, 25 months later, we still see onboarding efforts giving everyone an account. I knew long ago that not everyone would have or could be expected to have an account, at least when they were getting started. And it just wasn't necessary.

After a few months of pitching, I realized that the idea wasn't going to be taken and used, but it was too good to dump, so I decided to try to build it with two friends. We had started a make shift company and had a lot of great ideas.

In fact, at the end of Q1 2020, we produced the first working prototype and ran a contest on twitter. We got a few responses, but it mostly fell under the radar.


We used the @ecoinstats account to post people's responses from twitter to hive blockchain, including their account name and link, plus profile picture. I thought, surely everyone will see the genius in this idea now!

But no. They didn't. I went directly to the PeakD team and talked to @jarvie, he told me that this is called proxy posting, its easy and that peakd would implement it in the following days, which I think they did. Does peakd still allow proxy commenting?

I never said the idea was hard, but for some reason it still did not take off.

Finally, in the summer of 2020 I began meeting with @raymondspeaks and another team member, we came to an agreement to build out a standalone app that could be used as middleware on top of the HIVE blockchain.

We had some setbacks, delays, and changes in devs. But after all, @bala41288 and I continued to work and produce the DreamR app, and I am happy to report that it is in MVP testing now as we speak.

DreamR finally comes

Today I will be on the CryptoManiac's podcast with @jongolson and @taskmaster4450, and I am incredibly excited to answer all your questions about DreamR (and other projects that I am involved in).

Jong and Task have distinguished themselves with excellent guests from around the HIVE blockchain, and I am honored and excited to be on with them.

After we finish fiddling with the MVP, DreamR will move into Alpha stage, and there will be a limited number of communities signed on to test the app in the Alpha stage. If you or your community is interested in being involved, make sure to watch the live show, ask questions, and leave me a comment. You can ask your questions in a comment as well if you cannot make the live show - the replay usually comes out a few days later, so I will make sure to edit this post to leave a link.

I am community manager for Hive SBI, co-founder of the BROfund, team member of Archon Tribe, advisor to and two-time ex-president of dCity, and I also run my own token INCOME, which is my own synergy fund. Questions about any of these would be appropriate for the show!

We begin live streaming at 1pm Eastern US time, so if you are interested hop on in!

Freedom and Friendship!

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