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Sunday! Time for a coffee and a newspaper!


We are back with the latest messages from our many tribes. The things that keep them busy and the changes, sometimes small and sometimes very big. Sometimes little change, sometimes a lot, and sometimes no change to report. But that is more due to the fact that the developers do not want to reveal their work yet. Because as we all hopefully know. The blockchain is evolving every day. And every day many people are building new apps, frontends, games, and many more things. Crypto is a fast-paced world, and so is our Hive Blockchain.

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Tribe News


The Ape Mining Club launced!

For starters... @themarkymark has launched the Ape Mining Club! And I have already seen many people aping in. Did you buy yourself any mining equipment in the Ape Mining Club? The price of 1 APE is currently 2 HIVE via Hive-Engine, to buy yourself some equipments you need to buy APE first. And the game could get really interesting. If I can estimate this well, then both APE and STEM holders will both benefit from this game. Yes, now you want to know if I aped in too. And the answer to this is "YES". I've aped in it too. And no I didn't go full ape. What this game is all about? To learn that, you should check @apeminingclub's post Everything you need to know is well explained!


IDO time

There is also big news for Cubdefi, because the first CUB IDO has gone live. We all now have te possibility to earn Cakepop tokens. If that sounds good to you, then I suggest you check out @leofinance's post to read all you need to know, and how to start on earning Cakepop tokens. Do you see the Cakes popping yet?

Two new possibilities within our Hive Blockchain to earn yourself some sweet new tokens. But whatever you choose, DYOR! And learn before you earn.


No more quest potions with credits

We have had 33 out of 365 days of juicy airdrop. It will be clear to everyone that this has brought some changes for Splinterlands. And one of the changes is that DEC has started mooning quite a bit. That has consequences, and one of them is that, Splinterlands announced 5 days ago that the quest potion can only be bought with DEC. This was previously also possible to do with credits. The reason why can be read in Quest Potion Update.

But of course it won't be Splinterlands if they don't also continue with the necessary developments. And that is evidenced by the fact that the Brawls Phase 2 have reached. And a set of 32 cards, just for the Brawls has been released.

Chaos Legion Rumors

Then on with Chaos Legion news. Rumors abound and we've learned from a source that the Chaos Legion pre-sale will begin next week. Now we have to wait and see what Splinterlands will announce how the pre-sale will work. But a suspicion is that the amount of SPS you have staked will become an important factor. What did you do so far with your SPS?

For more updates keep an eye on the @splinterlands account.


Passive income from staking

You would almost forget in this crypto jungle, but commenting on someone else's post can still earn you passive income from staking Archon! And Archon can be earned by giving comments in various selected communities.

And also holding DHedge tokens gives you passive income. The minimum DHedge tokens you need to qualify for the daily drips is currently 10 DHedge!

Both tokens, Archon & DHedge, give you daily drips from a lot of other tokens. But if you want to know everything exactly about this, the ARCHON & DHEDGE DISCORD is the place where you can find all the info, and helpful people who can give you the info give you what you are looking for.

Working behind the scenes

You would almost think that it is very quiet in the other tribes, but even though there is no immediate news to report, this certainly does not mean that people are sitting still. We can be sure that it is only a matter of time before major updates are expected again.

BRO and CINE are on the eve of such updates, so to stay informed it is definitely recommended to keep reading the newspaper in the coming weeks. More news to come SOON


Brofund also posted some interesting statistics last week. Reading these posts will give you a good insight into the history of BRO, but also an idea of what you should / can expect in the future.

If you missed the posts, no problem. Here they are both one more time;


From the Statistics we move on to another part of this news paper, the Contests. Time to actively participate in the many Contests that can be found all over our Hive Blockchain.

Time to win yourself some Hive, or tribe tokens. And by participating in a Contest also time to engage more in the communities. Time to get more eyes on your blog and find blogs of people with a common interest.

Time to recharge your inspiration with ideas that you probably wouldn't think of yourself.

If there is a Contest that appeals to you, don't forget to read the relevant post for the rules to enter. Of course we want your entry in a Contest to be valid.

Now that that's said, quickly move on to the Contests you can enter.

If these contests weren't for you? Relax! There are many more contests on our Hive Blockchain, including the Monomad, Feathered Friends, Ladies of Hive and a few more. We try to highlight some of the contests here, but be aware that these are certainly not all contests.


  • @bearbear613 gave up on moon? And that is of course in stark contrast to @melbourneswest. He found this week again a new project to fomo in. Enthusiastic as always, with a big smile from ear to ear, we saw him cuddling one APE or more.

  • @xawi will soon be buying houses with her splinterland earnings.

  • @ecoinstant owns an NFT that he wanted to sell to @raymondspeaks, but Ray turned out not to be interested in the NFT that does carry the Mancave logo. Not that we should feel sorry for Ecoinstant now that Ray didn't want to pay him for the NFT. As a "mancave mafia", @ecoinstant knows very well how to print money. One of his latest posts shows that. Here he explains to you how to print money with Hive and HBD.
    (Well worth the read)

    This week certainly wasn't the best week to find juicy gossip. I myself didn't have much time to read online last week, and besides that everyone was very serious about making money, and more serious life issues like COVID-19. Next week more juicy details! Now, let's quickly move on to other things.


  • Wave of Adoption Continues: Cuba Set to Recognize Cryptocurrencies

  • Ethereum is Experiencing an Unintended Chain Split

  • Rumor Confirmed: MetaMask Considers Free Cryptocurrency With Airdrop

  • Brewer Budweiser buys beer.eth for 30 Ethereum, via ENS and OpenSea

  • Cardano Foundation (ADA) partners with Coinfirm to fight money laundering and terrorist financing

  • US major bank Morgan Stanley buys million shares of Bitcoin fund Grayscale, start of next round of adoption?

  • September 7 will be historic day for bitcoin, El Salvador is preparing with the installation of 200 payment terminals

  • Deloitte conducts research; Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency could replace dollar in five years, seismic shift is inevitable

  • Fine of $3 million and 190 bitcoin for promoter BitConnect


  • SpaceX launches ants, avocados, robot to space station
  • 16 years after Katerina, Hurricane Ida: Life-threatening storm to hit US Gulf Coast with wind at 225 kmph

  • List of animals affected by Covid-19 expands, US reports first case in a deer

  • Weapon that killed Billy the Kid has been auctioned for millions

  • Shell reprimanded, advertising for CO2 driving is misleading

  • China bans foreign IPOs for some big tech companies

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed your weekly Mancave newspaper with your coffee. Hopefully more Tribe News next week. Looking forward to seeing you again next week. Have a nice week and, ...

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