# Bro Newspaper Issue 5

There we are again. And this week, we're going to start the Bro Newspaper with some general Chain News that we think is important for everyone on Hive. So let's jump straight in with the amazing news that came to us from ...


It offers us completely new possibilities on our Hive Blockchain in general. @aggroed came with the amazing news that offers us unprecedented new possibilities with the many tribe tokens, which could very well grow in value as a result. It offers you a new way to get new tribe tokens. Providing liquidity in the Diesel Pools can be a way for anyone to get more tokens without the need to sell off another token.

The Diesel Pools v1 offers the possibility to provide liquidity and to be rewarded for that! Isn't that amazing! Check out the post if you want to know more about this possibility, or even provide liquidity.

Now that we already talked about Aggroed it's a small step to the;

Splinterlands madness

After a week in which we saw the Splinterland madness explode and then slowly sink back. At the moment it seems to be settling down a bit but under the surface there is of course the idea that from now on it can only go up with Splinterlands. And up it goes!

Let's talk some numbers here. We start with a fact. It took Splinterlands 3 years to get its first 100,000 players on board. And now in the last month and a half that number has doubled and there are 200,000 players active in Splinterlands! In the last month the new sign ups have gone 10x. From 500 new sign ups per day, to more than 5000 per day! Impressive right?

There are many more impressive numbers to be found in the post Splinterlands shared on their blog. If you're interested in numbers (and I know a lot of you are into that), then the explosive success story of Splinterlands can be read here.

But these explosive increases also had a small downside. Not that you will have noticed much, it was all solved quickly by the team. But the servers had to be scaled up quite a bit because they couldn't handle the huge increase in transactions. And the SPS management page also had some problems.

Speaking of SPS, it manages to hold its value from low in the 30 cent range, very well. And that alone can be called a miracle when you consider that the Splinterlands team had assumed a value of under 2 cents to start with, and that a cautious expectation was that the value would MAYBE be around the 15 cents after 1 year.

Now if you want to keep up with the latest Splinterlands news, You better jump into their DISCORD. The team keeps everyone up to date, so you can enjoy the game, and enjoy the daily SPS drop.


Then on with LeoFinance, because that's where the tension rises again.

There were several interesting things to read in the last weekly devs update. Some things we've probably all seen. The BNB dividends are accumulating at the moment. So again, if you want to receive BNB dividends through CubDefi, make sure you stake Cub in the Cub Kingdom. That is the only way to put your paws on those BNB dividends.

But what struck me most was that the step to ... oh, dare I say it at all?, I'm just going to do it, The step to PROJECT BLANK is under construction! With the renewed desktop interface for LeoFinance, and the accompanying mobile interface, the stepping stone has been made for PROJECT BLANK. And the latter is something I can certainly get excited about. Especially now that we increasingly notice that Twitter is shadowbanning Hive accounts.

Soon with Project Blank, that will no longer be possible. Now let's just hope this doesn't become another "Soon, soon .... soon" matter, but we hope for "Soonest of soons" regarding the launch of Project Blank!

There is not really pressure on @khaleelkazi and his team.

And that was it this week as far as the news from the Tribes is concerned. Not a lot of news I can report on that this week. And that's not because the Tribe developers are sitting still, on the contrary. That's because great things are about to happen soon, but unfortunately nothing can be said about right now.

Did we mention that STEM is working on something big? And just last week we told you that so much had happened in the Natural Medicine / Lotus Tribe. There is also an update to be expected soon (perhaps next week?). And then I haven't even mentioned SPI and LBI, where developments are also taking place that will soon take shape ...

But unfortunately we will all have to wait a little longer for these developments ... As soon as we can, we'll let you know here immediately. So keep an eye on the news paper.

With that being said it´s time for us to move on to our own numbers. Ah, you like that don´t you? Well let´s dive in. Here are some posts for you to enjoy!


There is only one post to share with you guys for all those delicious numbers. But ohw boy, is it a good one! All numbers are increasing with every day that goes by. If you are not a BRO holder yet, you are really missing out. Don't you believe me? Well look at this post and see for yourself. Everything in this stats report is screaming TO THE MOONNNNNNN

Brofund Payouts and Holdings


Let's start again by bringing our own MANCAVE CONTEST.
You can still participate until August 15th!
Just sayin'...

The Mancave Contest!

What is the contest about?

What makes you feel like a (wo)man?

To enter this contest we ask you to write a blog, or make a video, in which you tell us what is most special in your life, what really gives you THE feeling that you are a MAN / WOMAN. (Yes, women are also cordially invited to participate in this contest). So that can be anything. And all is well, as long as it can be clearly seen by means of attached pictures (if you write a blog), or can be seen clearly in the video in the case of a video.

If you write a blog we ask for a minimum of 1000 words, and that shouldn't be that difficult, because of course you are completely enthusiastic about the topic. A video is at least 5 minutes, and good image quality.

Do you want to win?

Of course we as MANCAVE also offer something in return, because we have a great price ready for you. If we choose your entry as the winning entry ...

You will receive 200 HIVE

But of course the contest of the Mancave is not the only contest running on our Hive Blockchain. There are too many to list them all.

Take a look below with me to find a few. And if there is something for you that appeals to you to participate. Do it, besides giving you a chance to win something, it's also a lot of fun and can inspire you to write a completely different kind of blog than what you normally would do.

So let's take a look at the contests here;

This could be your contest to participate in when you don't like to write extensive blogs. In this Contest the maximum word limit is set to 300! And the subject is to write a short story about your real life.

In the next contest we are going to look at the beauty of nature. Everyone can participate and no one can use the excuse that the subject is too difficult to find, because everywhere around the world we have Amazing Nature.

If you are in the Ladies of Hive community, or want to be a part of that you should check out the weekly contest. Every week there are a few subjects to choose from to write your entry to the weekly contest.

And of course I can't skip this challenge here. A Splinterlands challenge, now that Splinterlands is experiencing such enormous growth, this Social Media Challenge is also a very interesting option to participate in.

When you walk around, do you notice a lot along the way? For example, do you see many things that other people don't notice so quickly, and can you also marvel at the incidence of light and the shadows that it causes? Then this contest of the Shadow Hunters Community might be for you!

The following is not really a contest in the sense of the word contest, but it is a challenge for many! This is all about one of the most important things about our Blockchain. ENGAGEMENT!

If you want to participate in one of these contests, always check the post for any rules that apply to entering. Of course you want your entry post to be valid to compete for the prizes. So I emphasize it again, always check the contest post for the rules.

Now you have been presented with a number of contests that can put you to work, some in a simple way, for others you may have to put in a little more effort ... the purpose of the contests is and remains, have fun JOINING.

And now it's time to relax with the latest gossip from your fellow hivers

Did you know that

  • @xawi considers her online obligations more important than her health. She fulfills her obligations, 5 accounts to play in Splinterlands, so 5 quests even while she has a fever.
    Best wishes Xawi 🌺, hopefully you're feeling better soon

  • @jjb777 and @raymondspeaks share something together, but ... it's SECRET. I guess we have to keep track of that

  • @burlarj is a full time splinterlands player. Something with the goose with the golden eggs or what?

  • SPI will soon be a 250K project soon. At least if we believe @silverstackeruk

  • @melbourneswest needs to expand his blogging, I wonder if he's getting excited about some new project he wants to invest in ...

  • @no-advice does not follow his own account name very often, I have already received several advices from him. Whether they're all good or bad let's just leave that in the middle ...

  • @vincentnijman writing a book about a ZENsitivosaurus, But he doesn't have the thick skin of most dinosaurs himself. Would the ZENsitivosaurus get a thick skin?

  • @riverflows has a great natural medicine to sleep well, while also enjoying lucid dreaming

  • @juliakponsford calls herself an "Overlord Alien"...

  • @jk6276 is one of many who are now regretting selling their Splinterlands assets too early… Sadly I can shake his hand

  • @derangedvisions is known as a great photographer, but he had never photographed a wedding until recently. And during his HOLIDAY in Cabo Mexico, that unexpectedly changed ...

Did you expect all this? No, probably not. Don't worry, the Bro Newspaper is here to keep you up to date on everything.

General Crypto News

And of course there are also plenty of news to report outside of our Hive Blockchain. Because how about;

  • Bitcoin, ethereum and XRP prices are rising sharply again, dogecoin and shiba inu are rising even faster

  • Cardano (ADA) enters next phase Alonzo testnet, invites hundreds of testers

  • Spider-Man in NFT form? Marvel steps into the world of crypto and closes deal with VeVe

  • Elrond (EGLD) is the first blockchain in Europe to be CO2 negative, a good step for crypto

  • Chainlink (LINK) Expands: New Incorporation of Decentralized Off-Chain Computation

  • Bloomberg Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Market Continues and $100,000 Not Unthinkable

  • Axie Infinity (AXS) reaches 1 million users, growing 10-fold since June

  • Elon Musk is on the side of the crypto community in the fight against the infrastructure law in the United States.

But of course, next to Crypto there is a whole world outside. And there are many things happening around that world.

News of the World

  • The Corona rules in France are being tightened up considerably

  • Spain deports a difficult Dutchman and calls him a threat to society

  • EU increases pressure on Lukashenko and threatens new sanctions against Belarus

  • Thousands of North Koreans evacuated due to flooding

  • A volcano in Indonesia has covered all the villages around it with a layer of ash after an eruption

  • Hundreds of new wildfires have broken out in Turkey and Greece

  • A new lockdown threatens in the US and that is NOT because of Corona

As you can see, quite a bit has happened everywhere. And I can imagine that this could provide enough food for conversation. If you would like to talk to us about anything now ... you are most welcome in our;


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