Who are your favorite new content creators on Hive?

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There's been a lot of new accounts being created lately, although we all know many are @splinterlands players there are also many content creators and general users joining. We at @ocd have been helping @hiveonboard create accounts lately and according to @penguinpablo we're averaging about 300 accounts per day. At the same time we're also onboarding users through our own onboarding program at OCD and it's been going decent, the retention and activity rate of those invited authors has been quite amazing to say the least, especially since it only reflects on the last 7 days:

You can check these authors out on the @ocdb compilation posts that send rewards back to the onboarders! We're looking forward to scaling our onboarding program up more and will make a post at some point talking more in depth about it and how it works and how we want to maintain it to avoid any kind of abuse, etc.

Aside from these, another one of our initiatives I've loved seeing progress has been @lovesniper, a tl;dr of what it does is: a bot created by @rishi556 notifies us in Discord when a new account creates it's first post, our curators then go and check it out, curate if it's decent and if not help them out with answers or in which communities to post next if it's an introduction post that explains a bit about their interests. There's a lot more to it but that's it in short.

A lot of our initiatives are coming in together nicely to give more value to communities and make the journey of new Hivers richer in being able to find people that share the same interests as them and grow alongside them while giving Hive a proper try and realizing everything they can do here, which, let's be honest, there's no other chain that offers the same experience.

I'm pretty forgetful about following users, though, and doing my daily voting routine it gets annoying to have to switch account to give someone a follow on my main. So I wanted to make this quick post to check with my followers what users they've found lately they've been enjoying the content of. I'd love to check them out and see if it's something I'm also interested in to have in my feed.

Please drop me some usernames of new users you've started following recently!

Sending half of post rewards to @poshtoken for further development funding.

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