BTC, Eth and Hive Chart Analysis

Hello there. We are going through a critical period. Although these critical periods never end :) Again, the news like "China banned cryptocurrencies" is on the agenda. "Winter is coiming" :D Kidding aside, you shouldn't have a big problem as long as you put your investment portfolio into a basket. People whose investment portfolio consists only of cryptocurrencies should evaluate the situation. Anyway. Let's come to the graphic analysis;
The chart above is taken from the data of the Binance exchange. I used the daily chart and I follow it from Tradingview site. Above is a $46,000-$49,000 range. If Bitcoin price can stay above the psychological resistance of $50,000, we can expect new records. Below is a large supply-demand region. A supply-demand region between $32,000 and $39,000 awaits us. If there is a break below the $30,000 level, $20,000 and $12,000 prices are waiting for us.
The chart above is taken from the daily Eth/Usdt data of the Binance exchange. As with Bitcoin, there are similar situations in Ethereum price. Eth price alone is more volatile than BTC price. So it is more difficult to predict downtrends/uptrends. Above, there is a supply-demand zone in the range of $3200-3400. If it can stay above the current supply-demand zone, we can expect new record attempts. Below, two supply-demand zones are waiting for us, with prices of $2750-2400 and $1940-1420.

The screenshots above are taken from the Binance exchange's Hive/Usdt chart. I took weekly and daily views of the same chart. I will not write any price targets. Because I am actively investing in Hive Coin. I trade at various prices. The concepts of cheap and expensive are purely relative.

The drawings in the charts I shared were drawn in different time periods. Some may seem pointless. You have noticed; I didn't give any bullish/fall predictions. I try to adapt to the market movements as much as possible with the purchase and sale transactions I make. I am not an investment advisor. Therefore, it would be more beneficial for you to see my graphic sharing as an educational work. See you.

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