Gods Unchained Community is back!


Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that we are bringing back the OCD Gods Unchained activities to Hive. This time improved with its own community and dedicated curators and onboarders of Gods Unchained players to our decentralized social media blockchain!

Some of you may remember we used to host contests, giveaways and tournaments back on the old chain. During the bear market activity died down a bit both from the active players that joined our chain and of the game itself. The tides have been turning and myself and many others are feeling that the future of Gods Unchained is bright and the playerbase is getting bigger and they deserve to know the opportunities gamers have these days on Hive with the create-to-earn model @axiebuzz has coined.

What kind of activity can you expect in the community from players?
  • Original articles about Gods Unchained
  • Streams, video content, podcasts
  • Memes, short posts
  • Fanart
  • Discussions
  • Anything original and depending on effort and value will be curated accordingly
What will OCD do to help it grow?
  • Dedicated onboarders inviting players to the space
  • Dedicated curators making sure no post goes unnoticed
  • Contests
  • Tournaments
  • Giveaways
  • and much more!

Any requirements?

None, you don't have to leave your current GU team to be part of our intiatives or participate in contests and tournaments, anyone is welcome to join and leave as they see fit. The only thing that's not welcomed is plagiarism, spun articles and any kind of other abuse or harrassment.

We're adding a lot of incentives to grow the space, from onboarders earning rewards for their time spent bringing in new players, to curators earning rewards for moderating the community and reading posts to players being able to earn their first crypto and Gods Unchained Cards!

This next section is for players who don't have a Hive account yet.

How can you get a Hive account?
Some of the best account creation portals are: Hiveonboard.com and Peakd.com

but you can also check out Ecency.com if you prefer not to verify with SMS. By using one the first two you generate an account through our referral which we'll get alerts from and can easier check on your account to make sure you have enough Hive Power delegations to actively transact until your first earnings.

Make sure to save all the keys you receive upon account creation. Then you can log in either on hive.blog, peakd.com or eceny.com and go to our community page (similar to subreddits):


Once there hit subscribe and the next time you start writing a post you'll be able to choose into what community it will be posted in from the ones you're subscribed to!

What's in it for me as a player?

You've most likely gotten familiar with play-to-earn by now, well, this is create-to-earn. Hive values original content and social activity, instead of using Reddit to voice your opinions, write down your thoughts or engage with other Gods Unchained players in discussions about the game - on Hive you can get rewarded with crypto for all that activity. Similar to Reddit, Hive has an upvote system, the difference is that here it is stake-based and each upvote has a value attached to it depending on who is voting it up and for how much. Here's an example of the blog section by a Gods Unchained player @wasper:


Hive is easy to get into the basics, but very deep to know everything about it, so I won't get into it now! For questions, feel free to check out the OCD Discord Community where there's always someone around to help you out with anything you might be wondering about.

We are hoping to introduce a lot of new eyes onto the opportunities Hive offers for create-to-earn and have a community that grows and along it also the players and their stake in the ecosystem. We are looking forward to start this up, follow @ocdb to not miss out on our first contests and giveaways, both new and old Hivers who play the game! :)

Subscribe to the Gods Unchained community:


PS. We'll be sending beneficiaries to the @teamocd account in certain posts to be able to host giveaways and other kind of sponsorships!

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