Hive Gaming - CryptoBrewHouse Advice needed for next steps

There are several games in the Play2Earn space here on the Hive Platform with Splinterlands being the most well know. Yesterday, I shared my first planting in the dCrop game. Today, I am sharing about CryptoBrewHouse. I am all for playing games especially if you can earn crypto from them.

I have been completing basic daily quest for ingredients for some time now so I have several neutral ingredients to choose from.


Inventory 2.PNG

Today, I will be going to the brew house to brew an European Lager since that is the only one for which I have all the ingredients.

Brew house.PNG

Start brewing.PNG

three hours to brew.PNG

It will take 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete brewing.

I think I have the basics for brewing the European Lager but how do you get the ingredients for brewing the other beers in the brew house? If you have played the game for a while, please advise how to get the other ingredients.

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