Mommy! Mommy!
Could you tell me when papa would be here? I am getting a little anxious here already.

Easy Lia, I am sure he will be here any moment from now, let's just go grab some snacks while waiting, okay? Shall we?
Yes, mommy! Strawberry for me, please.
No Lia, I told you they aren't good for you. Stop asking I won't get you those.
Okay, mom!

Little Lia let the sadness of not getting her favorite candy overwhelm the happiness of seeing her dad again after a long while.
She loves candies but her mama just wouldn't let her have them because it causes severe damage to her tooth but Lia just wouldn't see this and know how much her mama cares for her.
She loves candies and wanted to have them even if it meant endangering herself and causing herself pains but Mrs. Clara wouldn't let that happen would she?

It's 3 pm already Lia, why is your dad still not here?
Clara raised her hand to check her wristwatch to be sure her phone wasn't telling her the wrong thing.
Lia was already getting worried and so was Clara her mom.

What could have happened? Why the delay? Clara thought.
Oh, I hope everything is alright with Justin. I am a little worried about him.
Come on Lia, let's go home, we will call your dad again when we get home, and it's already time for you to take a nap, come on baby girl.
Clara grabbed Lia and lifted her.

Lia is just five years old and she is the sweetest girl any parents could wish to have.
She grew up being loved and cherished by both parents.
She loves her parents equally as well.
Justin, Lia's dad is Lia's playmate when Clara is busy.
She has been missing him a lot since the last two weeks he traveled.
Lia was anxiously awaiting her father's return but for some reason, he didn't come back at the exact time he called and informed the house he was returning and so because of this, both Clara and Lia returned home to wait for him.

Hey dude!
Move away, out of my way you scumbag.
A guy knocked down Mr. Justin at the railroad just when he alighted.
The person was trying to make away with a stolen bag but Justin got up and ran after him.
He threw his luggage by the roadside and ran after the thief. Justin finally got up with the thief, folded his fist, and gave him the hardest punch of his life.

The thief spun around and fell to the ground with blood dripping down his side jaws.
Justin approached him, grabbed his shirt, and pulled him up.

Hey young boy! What do you think you are doing?
Is this what you were taught? To take what doesn't belong to you?
No no no Sir! I wasn't...
Shut it, young boy, you will go explain yourself later at the station.
He dragged him to where the officers were and handed him over to them and returned the bag the thief stole.
Just then his phone rang.

Hello Honey!
Where are you? I have been worried sick about you.
What happened? I and Lia waited at the rail station to give you a surprise welcome but you didn't make it on time so we had to return home.
Lia is already asleep. She had to take her nap remember?
Yes, darl. I am very sorry.
Something came up, we will talk about it when I get home.
Good news, I am already at the station so I will be home in no time
Bye! love you

The End...

I hope I am not too late for my submission.
I just decided to make a short story for the prompt.
I am open to constructive criticism and feedback from you guys thank you!


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