Ten At Last



Push! Push!
You can do this Brianna, I know you can.

Gather all your strength, you can do it, push!
Holy shit! The electricity went off.
What are we gonna do now? Don't panic it gonna be fixed in a few seconds.
Meanwhile, please keep pushing, we gotta get the baby out.
Brianna was a strong-spirited lady, she wouldn't let the disrupted electricity stop her from bringing forth her baby. She did everything within her power to deliver Gabrielle safely.

Oh my heaven! Such an adorable-looking girl.
The power was back already and before then, Brianna had safely delivered a bouncing baby girl which was named Gabrielle.

Gabrielle grew up to be as strong and independent as her mother. She was her mother's little girl and was loved in the best way a child could be loved.
The only thing that was missing in Gabrielle's life was a father's figure
Brianna had made it her life duty to fill in the vacant and play that role while Gabrielle's dad was far away.
She promised Gabrielle that she was gonna see her father again but only when she turned ten.
Gabrielle didn't understand why she would have to see her dad only when she was ten. Why wasn't he there when she was given birth to?
Even while she was growing up?
Brianna didn't wanna go into details so she asked Gabrielle to put up her best behavior if she ever wanted to see her dad again.

When Gabrielle turned five, it was as if she still had a long way to go before she finally met with her dad. She has been acting her best and being mommy's little adorable and good girl. She loved her mom very much and wasn't planning to let her down

Mr. Jethro, Gabrielle's father had been away from home since when Brianna was still pregnant with Gabrielle.
He promised Brianna to come back when they were done with their duties and since then, Brianna had been expecting her husband.
She was sad when Jethro left but she also couldn't stop him from going. She knew it was not in Jethro's place to choose if he was going or staying back.
The more reason why Brianna didn't like Jethro's idea of joining the army right from the start.

Four years later, with Gabrielle turning nine years old, all her expectations and wait almost coming to an end.
She rushed to her calendar hanged in her room to tick the day on her calendar.
She was both excited and very nervous. The more she approached Ten, the anxious and scared she was
Would her dad love her just like her mom?
Will she be able to spend quality time with him?
Brianna told Gabrielle when her dad was coming back home but she never mentioned if he was going back so Gabrielle was a little worried when she suddenly remembered this.
She prayed her dad wasn't going to leave them again when he returns.

Gabrielle's house was very close to the railway station. She usually takes a walk a few times to the station to watch the travelers and foreigners.
Her mom had warned her several times about wandering to the station but little Gabrielle never listens, she sneaked out every time to the station but ensured she didn't get into trouble and get her mom worried.

August 25, would make little Gabrielle ten years old.
She was eagerly waiting for that day.
The preparation for her birthday party was made already.
Her presents and decorations were all bought a week before the Day.
Gabrielle wasn't really concerned about the present or the party that would be thrown for her.
All she ever cared about was her dad's return.
She has been expecting him since when she was a day old.
Now she just couldn't wait anymore to see him.
Gabrielle had a little surprise gift for her dad, one she made all by herself.

She couldn't sleep well on the eve of her birthday. But when she finally did, She dreamt about meeting her dad and how she hugged and embraced him tightly.
He was very handsome and for a minute Gabrielle thought she got her beauty from him.
Both parents were good-looking but Gabrielle just saw herself in the image of her dad in her dream.

The chirping of the birds woke up Gabrielle.
When she raised her head, her mom and few other people were at her bedside. She got up to the voices of people singing the Happy Birthday song to her.
She was so thrilled and delighted.
She smiled and hugged her mom.
Brianna made a mess of Gabrielle's face with the buttercream from the cake she was making for her.
She giggled and laughed so hard.
It felt like her best year so far.
She got out of bed to prepare ad get ready for her big day.
It was going to be a double celebration for her; her birthday and the day she was going to meet her dad.

When everyone was busy with the birthday preparation and settings. Gabrielle sneaked out again to her favorite place; The railway station.
This time she wasn't just going there to look at the travelers. She went there with the hope of finding her dad and bringing him home.
She stayed fixed at the railroad hoping to see an approaching train or something.
It was already getting late and Gabrielle knew too well not to keep her mom worried so she headed back home, though a little sad but without losing hope.
She was ten already and she felt nothing could stop her from meeting her dad now, but first, she needed to return home and not get into trouble with her mom.

The End...

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