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That evening, I had left work later than usual, which meant I could get to the railway station late. To avoid that, I hurried along the crowded streets, hurling my bag with me.
Dusk was falling rapidly, the moon was steadily rising and it seemed everyone in the world was on their way home. I avoided people, traders and their wares, vehicles as I forged my way. Soon, I broke out of the crowded highway, deciding to take a short cut.

This street was not as crowded as the highway and it was less noisy. I hurried on. Missing the train would mean being stuck at the station for another hour.

I couldn't afford that.

As I hurried on, past houses and shops, I passed an alley, then I suddenly stopped as I heard a piercing scream. I walked back and looked into the alley, it was semi-dark like everywhere else and was empty except for two guys and a lady.

A robbery was going on. I could see the guys trying to wrestle her bag from her hands and she was resisting. Crying and begging them to stop. I walked into the alley, and cried out.


They all turned to stared at me.

"What's going on there?"

"Mind your busi-- Ahh!" One of the guys rebuke ended in a high pitched scream as the lady stuck her finger into his eye. The other turned but she slammed her knee into his groin, felling him at once.

"Wow" I gasped impressed as she grabbed her bag and sprinted off in the opposite direction.
I nodded in appreciation, there was nothing like a woman who could defend herself against hoodlums.

I must have been out of my mind, because I stayed there watching them writh in pain until they slowly recovered. That was when I remembered I had a train to catch.

"Where do you think you're going?" One of them asked aggressively, pulling out a knife. It's blade caught the light of the moon.

"You just lost us some money." The other guy got to his feet as well.

"So we will cut you open and then take your money."

Looking at them, I didn't doubt it at all. I felt fear slam in my chest like a brick into a wall. I quickly saw that I didn't stand a chance against them.

So I turned and ran.

And they gave chase.

I zipped out of the alley and back into the street, hurling my bag along, as I ran for my dear life. The boys didn't relent, chasing me with everything they had. Our feet pounded the dusty road, wind blew hard against our faces.
I burst of out of the street directly into the highway once more. I made a sharp turn and ran through the gates of the railway station. I shoved through the crowd, knocking people aside. Somewhere I heard a loud shrill whistle. The train was leaving.

Behind me, the guys were closing in. I dashed past the ticket booth, running full fledged towards the train as the door began to swing shut.
"Hey stop!" One of the guys ordered. I ignored as I closed in on the carriage.

Just as the doors were about to swing shut, I swung my bag before me, so it was caught between the doors stopping it from shutting. Then I rushed and pulled them apart and I fell through.

I turned behind me as the guys kept racing, hoping to make it through the door as well. But they were swinging shut. And just as they got to the train, the doors shut in their face.
I let out a deep breath of relief, especially as the train began to move. I watched the guys until they were lost to view. I got up then, noticed people looking at me funny but I ignored them as I made my way through the carriage. I was safe.

Then I froze suddenly as I remembered something.

I had not bought tickets to the train.



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