The Ink Well Highlights Magazine #22


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This periodic magazine highlights a small selection of short stories posted to The Ink Well community that stood out and were awarded a Curie vote. Thank you to all authors in The Ink Well for sharing your creative work!

Important Note

We are showcasing authors who have contributed well-written and edited stories, have read and commented on the work of other authors and comply with all of the community rules posted on our home page. These activities help our community thrive and grow!

The following are just a few of our favorite stories from September 20 - 26, 2021.

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Featured Author: @bruno-kema


Image source: Pixabay

"You know what?" Ugo said as they walked among busy cooks and chefs, she had to raise her voice so Chike could hear her. "I'm sick of this feud between your family and the Okoli's. Both families are filthy rich and dominate different aspects of the industry. Why on earth do you hate each other so much when you have so little in common?" -@bruno-kema

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Featured Author: @sunnyag
Why Am I Such a Loser?


Image source: Pixabay

If the young man had carefully listened to that sad usher, perhaps he would have stopped. But Johnny had nothing in his mind, but only the game of cards! He did not want to listen to any advice, which put disgust on the door of every place of perdition. He entered the hall where the tinkling of gold exerted a dazzling fascination on the senses, completely subjected to covetousness. Probably, Johnny had come to this place with the most logical and eloquent wish to win and fulfill the desires of his lover. He had nothing else in his mind but a strong desire to win the game. This casino was his last hope. -@sunnyag

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Featured Author: @iyimoga
Fork on the Road


Image source: Pixabay

Ayo closed his market for that day and took them to his mother who was sitting outside the house. On sight of her husband she quickly jumped from her old seat to grab him. -@iyimoga

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Featured Author: @ricardo993


Image source: Canva

The new boy who entered the track was different from Garcia. His clothes were humble and even ungainly, they were baggy, giving him a fragile and famished appearance. In his eyes, there was submission and silence. -@ricardo993

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Featured Author: @wrestlingdesires
Mike's Choice


Image source: Author's artwork

Then the alien put a disc shaped object over the wonderful smelling cylinder, and fastened it. I still hadn't moved. I was hoping it would think that I was dead, so that I could escape. Or at least activate the translator which had been designed by my predecessor, who was gifted in the sciences of language and technology. -@wrestlingdesires

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Featured Author: @yuki-nee
Dream and Potted Camellia


Image source: Pixabay

However, because of all of his responsibilities in the restaurant and the fact that Jenna was suddenly diagnosed with cancer 2 years into their marriage; it’s not far-fetched to say that Henry had pretty much forgotten his dream of studying in Paris. If not for Jenna’s reminder today, Henry would probably have not remembered at all. -@yuki-nee

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Featured Author: @joseph1956
The Mysterious Tomb


Image source: Pixabay

On one side, in line with his left hand, a candle remains lit, and the mysterious thing about this is that it is not consumed or extinguished by rain or snow, as if it were fed on air as fuel and the wax that makes up its round structure is infinite. -@joseph1956

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Thank you for reading our short story highlights magazine!

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