The Ink Well Highlights Magazine #19 - And TOP COMMENTER Recognition - August 29, 2021


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This periodic magazine highlights a small selection of short stories posted to The Ink Well community that stood out and were awarded a Curie vote. The stories that stand out and deserve highlighting are always difficult to choose, because there are so many!

Important Note

We are showcasing authors who have contributed well-written and edited stories, have read and commented on the work of other authors and comply with all of the community rules posted on our home page. These activities help our community thrive and grow!


As you know, we value engagement and mutual suppport in our community. We would like to acknowledge the following community members, who each read and commented on 5 or more other stories published in The Ink Well in the past week: @justclickindiva (10 stories), @hillarypowers, @deeanndmathews, @kaerpediem, @bruno-kema, @kemmyb, @wrestlingdesires and @sunnyag. Thank you, and great work!

The following are some of our top curated stories from August 23 - 29, 2021.

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Featured Author: @bruno-kema
Just Business


Image source: Unsplash

Just like Redneck, I was obsessed with treasures. I had killed for it and I will do it again without hesitation. I had amassed quite a lot of wealth for myself, enough to live off for the rest of my life. Then I had almost gotten arrested, I lost my house, my bank account got frozen, and the treasures I had painstakingly gathered over the years fell into the hand of the government. And to make matters worse, I was on the run. -@bruno-kema

This is fantastic, @bruno-kema. I love the great details as the dive begins, and then the subtle hints of foreshadowing that all is not as it seems. I anticipated something like this in the moment before I read it:

What they didn't know was that I was only using them. I had no plans to share the treasure. Once I confirmed it was there I would take care of Felix.

But there's a twist in store for us in the end. Felix's life is spared and in fact the joke is on the narrator! This has all the elements of a great story!. -@jayna

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Featured Author: @kemmyb
At the Stroke of Midnight


Image source: Pixabay

It was almost midnight. The young men converged in the living room with two packs of beer, drinking and chatting. The full moon had risen high in the sky, spilling its light into the room and casting shadows around them. Then a very loud howling sound from within the forest filled the air. The men froze, looked at each other for like seconds then burst into laughter. -@kemmyb

Thank you @kemmyb. I had a rollicking good time with this story. I love werewolf stories. I love cats.And I'm fond of septuagenarian cat ladies. We all knew Mr. Healthcliff was going to get his comeuppance. It was delicious reading the scene where that happened. Great story! -@agmoore

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Featured Author: @litguru
Mrs. Abner's English Garden


Image source: Original art by the author

So gallantly dismissed, she returned to her room in a bit of a fluster and sat in front of the mirror. Loosening the top buttons of her blouse, she let hair fall about her shoulders. She brushed it with vigorous strokes, then softly. Why wouldn’t he say her name? She would’ve loved to hear him say it. Standing up, she went to the window and drew the curtain aside. -@litguru

I like the soft sensuality of this story, @litguru. The objects, like the hose, become suggestive instruments of a language that is unspoken but is guessed at in the effects as the narrative unfolds.
The movement of your beautiful illustrations accompany us in the plot giving more beauty to this reading experience. -@gracielaacevedo

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Featured Author: @justclickindiva
A Soul for a Soul


Image source: Pxfuel

My heart beat faster as I gripped the helm and attempted several evasive maneuvers. My ship rocked violently from side to side, almost capsizing. The wind swirled in both directions, butting heads against each other, then bouncing in my direction as I held fast to the helm. Thunder exploded and rattled the ship. Lightning rods glowed like firecrackers and illuminated the mask. -@justclickindiva

I think you have the beginnings of a fantastic YA novel here. I remember the stories I read with my granddaughter that had to do with Neptune and sea mythology. The personalities were (as in any Greek myth) vain, and self-serving, vindictive and cruel. My granddaughter was fascinated by it all. I think this story has that potential. The presence of the locket is the sort of touch that would capture the imagination of an adolescent/tween (I think). ​-@agmoore

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Featured Author: @wrestlingdesires
Dreems and Nightmares


Image source: Original art by the author

The Dreemstone, an artifact rumored to be from Atlantis, had belonged to Charles The Great. He had used it to conquer nations. It was said that he could travel thousands of miles instantly, and even take a few of his top generals with him. Who knew what other powers it might possess? -@wrestlingdesires

This is such a fun story, @wrestlingdesires. What a wonderful ode to the fabulous @dreemsteem and her leadership. She has helped the crew from the sinking Trennd (Uptrennd) navigate to a better place. But those who don't know the backstory will enjoy this story just as much as those who know all the hints about the past and the launch of @dreemport. Love it! -@jayna

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Featured Author: @sunnyag
I'm Thinking to Join Merchant Navy


Image source: Pexels

Then another wave hit the ship, and it started sinking into the water. I grabbed a life jacket and jumped into the water. Fortunately, I saw a wooden board and grabbed it. It reminded me of Titanic, but with a difference. In the movie, it was the girl that was on the wooden door, but here Diana was swimming about 30 meters away from me and waving at me. -@sunnyag

Hello @sunnyag. Your story is the classic example of Maslow's Hierarchy No. 2 - - self-preservation. It's the most basic instinct on the ladder of personal needs. I don't blame your character. Who wouldn't think of himself first? I feel as though if he were already married to the young lady and indeed felt deeply for her, then maybe he would have included her in his plans for survival. -@justclickindiva

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