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The mesoplanet Tau Ceti e is a celestial body orbiting the star Tau Ceti, as the fourth planet in the system has a similar distance to the planet earth. It is located in the constellation Cetus in the Southern Hemisphere.

Since the 21st century, it was thought that the planet was a "supervenus" because of the temperature inside its shell, but these were erroneous values. The telluric body contains beings endowed with intelligence called Witches.

The Witches, called with affection by those studied, are beings composed of silicon, so they can withstand the high gravity of the planet. Their appearance differs greatly from that of a humanoid. It is a being similar to a kitsune from Japanese mythology, but instead of having nine tails, they have twelve appendages or tentacles that act as limbs. Their fur is also different, it looks like a hedgehog, but they can harden or soften it. Witches are gregarious beings that live grouped in communities that for them are cities, they are not warlike beings. Their technology even in these moments of study is in the primitive phase, they have not even found fuel for their vehicles, they use animals of the planet.

In another article we will talk about it, now we only stick to the race of the witches.
There is only one continent, which many wanted to call Pangea, but it would be abuse. So it just stayed with the name of Island, it would be easier to study it that way. The island was about 43.5 km², almost the same as Asia, and its shape was that of a guitar in pieces since its edges were mined with archipelagos or reefs that prevented navigation.

Satellites had only tracked 20 possible natural beaches. This was due to the lack of a moon in the telluric body. It caused the tides to be ineffective. Due to the motion of rotation and translation, there was some reference to wind and tides, as well as a system of currents in the great ocean of Tau Ceti e.

The witches were not yet dispersed throughout the continent, they were found in the central regions, mostly in the mountains or in the Northern Hemisphere in the plains. These two specimens differed from each other by some peculiarities. The mountaineers were bulky and light red, while those from the plains were slender and long, as well as having whitish or sepia colors.

Whether witches worship a deity or have some mythology on which to base their lives, we are not yet sure, they should have. Almost all intelligent beings begin their lives basing their faith in a cosmic being that explains their way of life. What we do know for sure is that we recently discovered a communication system similar to writing.

The barbs of their fur are hollowed out, allowing them to make perforations. These perforations are not random. And they are not the same size either, some are so small that it would be difficult to determine them by sight. One of the samples provided by a drone made us advance further in our investigation of this rare and wonderful culture. We have not yet deciphered what each perforation means, but we do know that it is a means of messages between them that could contain anything from dialogues to perhaps stories of their people.

The diet of the witches is composed of meat, mostly those who live in the mountains, they are hunters. As for their prey, they are selective, they do not hunt just anything, but they are not intimidated by the size of their prey, which could be snow giants or even insect-like vermin. On the plains the witches are gatherers, but in a few communities, we have seen agriculture make its way in. And it is here that we made an important discovery. There is a deadly fruit for the witches, a fruit nicknamed by scientists Cake, for the shape it has, quite similar to a piece of a freshly cut cake, only with a greenish pigmentation with purple, with several boils on its edges that make it repugnant to the reader. They are very delicate fruits that at a single sudden movement fall to the ground, bursting and releasing a cloud of toxins capable of killing a witch.

It not only kills these beings, but any living creature. We could not study what toxins the fruit possesses, more as a precaution not to contaminate the study spacial station.

The sexuality of the witches is no longer under debate, we have confirmed that they are hermaphrodites. Thus, they control the birth rate on their planet. It is also the reason why they are not overpopulated, depending on the seasons they decide when to procreate. We have witnessed that they synchronize their cycles to give birth on almost the same days. Maybe this is one of the causes because they are also not warlike with their species. We have a theory that possibly they are beings lacking many feelings, but it is in the visual documents that they possess paternity by taking care of their young until their adulthood.

As for the age of the witches, we would have to make a reconversion to our earthly times. Following the unit of time of the ancients who lived on Earth, it would be 10 years for adulthood, then 30 years more to reach old age. That is to say, their life span is 40 to 50 years, after this period is completed, they are delivered to death. Depending on their location, they can be left outdoors or used as fertilizer for the fields.

Another recent discovery is that witches have a natural ability to detect the magnetic flux of their planet. They can locate themselves thanks to this ability, maybe the term "lost" does not exist among them. Since they can return to their habitat after days of being away. For the moment, it is a hypothesis to answer the capacity that these creatures have to wander long distances and return following another route different from the ones they chose to take. We have certified that it is a first-time route, and not a previous one.

In this report, it is in context, that there is still much to discover about these wonderful creatures. That, although they are so different from us, they can remind us of our times of yesteryear, when we wandered around our home planet ignoring the vastness of the universe.
I hope that the Federation of Interplanetary Studies, approve my words for funding of more endowed equipment, so we can advance in our research. Perhaps in a few years, we will be able to make economic benefits from the minerals or biological products of the planet Tau Ceti e.


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