The Ink Well Prompt #15: Cats - 750 Words | "Bridge"

"What is his deal? Why is he letting a lot of cats stay in his house?"

I heard some neighbors talking when I'm feeding the cats outside the house. Actually, I heard them a lot but I ignored them because they didn't know the reasons behind it. I didn't get the cats to be at my house in random places. I just wait for them to come over because for me they had their reasons.

"Meooow, Meow."

"Wait guys, I'll be out to bring your food."

I've been feeding the cats since my parents died. I was the only one who took care of them. When they passed away because of their ages. I became lonely in this old-big house. Before it was only a baby, one pitty white cat kept on saying "meow." I grabbed him from outside because the rain started raining that time. I didn't know that he was calling his friends and family because after a week a lot of them came to my house. I didn't have complaints because I read from the books back then why cats come into someone's house.


There was this one quiet night. The moon was so big that it made the surroundings brighter. One cat jumped on my lap while I was sitting and enjoying the full moon. It startled me because I was so focused on watching it while shedding so many emotions.

"Oh my!!"

He lay down so I patted him. When I was doing that while watching the sky. It made me scared because I saw a lot of creatures that didn't exist in the human world. My grandfather told me when I was young that cats could see ghosts, mythical creatures, and different types of creatures. I was a child back then so I believed my grandfather's words. He said just pat the cat and look to my surroundings and I can see one. I thought it was just a myth because I haven't seen one before.

"What were those that I just saw?"

I talked to myself while facing the cat. I saw a lot of ghosts roaming around in the sky and the ground. I'm shaking because some of the ghost's eyes passed into my sight. We had eye contact but I decided to look away and acted. I didn't see them.

The cat jumped off me and I stopped seeing those ghosts. Perhaps he noticed I was afraid or so. I went back to my room and closed everything in my house. Who wouldn't be afraid of seeing those anyway? I locked everything but I could still my body was shaking because of fear.

"Son," when I lay down on my bed I heard my mother's voice calling me.

"Whose that?" I replied.

I turned on the lights in my room but I saw no one there. My body was still shaking thinking scary things. I was glad that the voice didn't call me again until I fell asleep. However, I dreamed of my mother and father. It was like I was younger back then and we were so happy together. We were in the house, happiness was all I felt at that time. When I woke up in the morning I found tears in my eyes because of missing them.


It was morning, I searched for that cat who helped me to see those creatures that couldn't be seen with normal eyes. I was looking for him but I couldn't find him. I just gave up after a month of searching for him. I gave up but I had an idea what's going on.

Neighbors were spreading rumors about me but I chose to ignore them. I just realized that night when the voice of my mom called me. I'm certain that the cats are like a bridge to your loved one who passed away and wishes to check you. That cat who jumped on my lap was my mother but she couldn't show herself from the living. I was convinced when I dreamed of my mother and when I woke up there was a cat who jumped over to that window. Although it was a different cat from before.

As of now, I don't care how many cats will come over to my house. I missed my parents and if that's the only way I can feel their presence it's fine to me. It may be unbelievable for others because it seems impossible. To see is to believe after all.


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