inkwellprompt #34 | "Witch Reborn"


Years ago, I was so happy being born a witch. You can tell we are no different from humans in terms of appearance. We look the same as them but the only difference is we have power and our attitude compared to humans is very different. We don't seek power because we already have it.

When I was living in our small village the citizens were all witches. We were so happy living there, we didn't feel insecure about each other. Our environment was filled with love but not hate. Although, our small beautiful village was eradicated long ago. We thought that humans were not terrifying because they're weaker compared to us. We helped them in so many ways but we remained hiding not to interfere in the conflicts with all the humans.

The reason why our small village was eradicated was to kill the witches. We didn't do anything to them, in fact, we offered help and we were so proud of it. However, their jealousies of our power worsened and they became afraid of us. Of course, we know how to curse someone, that's just a basic power we have, like we could learn it as soon as we become conscious. The power that terrified them the most was our magic. That's why 20 years ago, our existence was being erased. Humans are far scarier after all because of their technology.

"Hey, aren't you a witch right?"

I heard from someone who passed by when I was walking on the street.

"What?" Of course, not!"

The man was surprised or was he just lying. Who would have blatantly admitted to being a witch when you would be considered a criminal.

I thought he was one and for an instant, I felt joy hoping to see one of our kind. Years passed since our place was eradicated, I was longing to see my kind. Even though it's kind of scary to show yourself and introduce yourself because of the threat.


One morning I happened to be on an island. I was invited by a childhood friend of mine who survived like me when our place was being bombed. It was his birthday and as my present, I bought him a cake. That night came and the celebration started with lighted candles at the shore with some decorations. He chose to be an island because he revealed something and after I knew that his visitors were all witches. I learned when one visitor all of sudden showed his magic by creating light in our surroundings. I was stunned and I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"Everyone, listen."

He introduced one of our Kinds named Jomar as his human's name but in witch name, he's called Ando. He was a good magician like he could do sort of magic by just playing with his hands.

"Lirio, come."

My friend knew me from my witch name only. He asked me to be at the front because he wanted to show my fellow witch how powerful we were compared to humans.

"Let me show you how we became superior to humans who kept hunting us. They are our pawn if we are serious about attacking them."

"Now, Lirio and Ando. Show our Kinds not to be afraid anymore if the time comes the humans will threaten us again."

My friend said and we started a mock battle with my fellow witch.

I stepped back when he surprised me with his magic being invisible to hit someone. It was strong but I was good at protecting my body with magic. I trained myself a long time ago because my father was the strongest witch in our village. I thought I didn't want to disappoint his name so I worked hard to be like him.

"Not bad, Lirio."

Ando complimented me.

"You too, have that invisible magic."

However, the battle ended just a minute after I reclaimed myself to be the strongest. Unlike the other witch, an incantation of the spell was not necessary to me. I can do whatever I like by just imagining it and performing it. He didn't realize that I used the rock as my stepping stone to boost my speed to be near him. I also added wind to make me faster and when he blinked. I pointed my hand right into his neck.

All of them were standing and clapping and yelling.

"Now you saw how powerful we are to be afraid of such lowly humans. Don't be afraid to show who you really are. If you'll hide yourself from the shadows, the time will come that you will wish not to be born in this world."

"The time is ripe for us to strike back. The island will be our hideout for now if we commence plans. Use your magic to reach this place, it will be easy peasy for sure since we are all witches."

My friend motivated our Kinds because this was his plan from the very beginning. To reborn the witch clan that was being forgotten years ago.


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