The imprisoned witch

After the death of King zade, Mika was enthroned as the new king of zamfara. He had held secret hatred for his stepmom, believing she was a witch. He has it in his memory how his mother was treated badly after his father married her. Rumor had it that, she used witchcraft to turn the heart of his father away from his first wife, his mom. but to him, it was not a rumor. He had secretly seen her practice sorcery.

After his enthronement as the king, he had passed a decree forbidding the practice of sorcery. But his stepmom could not abandon her witchcraft practice but continued in her sorcery until she was caught and kept in the gurara island.

The island of gurara was a small island of heavy trees, beautiful from distance, and spelled to chain witches. No witch can come out of that island after been thrown in there. The spell was to imprison the witches so that they cannot have access to other persons. It was common knowledge to the people of zamfara that the island is dangerous to enter, even though the spell cannot hold anyone captive if the person is not a witch.

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15 years after the king had thrown his stepmother into gurara island. Zara, the daughter of the king was celebrating her birthday. Her friends from the neighboring village had come to join her in her celebration that they saw a beautiful island from a distance. "Let celebrate your birthday on that island," one of the friends said while pointing at the island from a distance. " that island is dangerous, I heard there are witches there," Zara said. "all those stories are a myth," her friend said. After plenty of arguments, Zara Was convinced to go to the island to celebrate her birthday.

They sailed to the island unknown to anyone at home, using the Fisher man's canoe that was always tie offshore. The island was beautiful they all confessed. They were seven that went to the island. The oldest of them was 22 years old. The birthday celebration was a blast, as the venue added glamour and secludedness as they plan it to be.

The glamour was, even more, when an elderly woman they saw on the island gift Zara a beautiful cake to celebrate her birthday. The elderly woman was Mika's stepmom who had been imprisoned by a spell on the island. " am Zara the second daughter of king Mika " Zara had told the elderly woman. " I knew your father very well, am out here for a picnic, let me get one of my cakes for you" the elderly woman had said. Before coming back with the cake that she gifted Zara.

The cake was made out of sorcery to specifically initiate Zara into witchery. After they had finished celebrating the birthday and were about to leave the island, the root of every tree in that island tied Zara's hands, legs, and every part of her, refusing her to leaving the island.

Her Friends were scared and sailed back the to village and explained to the king all that had happened. He was vexed, but there was nothing he could do to save Zara, except to lift the ban on witchcraft and sorcery which will automatically lift the spell out of the island. It was a hard decision to make. But he eventually did lift the ban and reunited with his stepmom and child, Zara.

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