A little favour


It's a lovely evening in the island of Achy,everything was moving as normal, the farming season(harvesting season) is just around the corner , the town crier is at the village square announcing the positive productivity at the island for the year . "This is year have been a very productive year with our goods producing the highest profit for over the years ", said the town crier.

It was on that lovely evening ,a witch named agazar crashed with her broomstick while traveling to her destination at the outer most part of the island and was lying so helplessly that she couldn't stand up, she shouted for help but nobody came to her rescue because she was badly 😥 injured up until she saw a young lady in her early thirty's, "hello young woman could you please help me out in this my injured state, I was just passing by which I had an accident and crashed at your island", said agazar. "I'm so sorry 💔 ma I was sent to deliver an important goods to a costomer I can't help you and besides you look like a witch so I can't help you", said the young woman to the witch
"Please lady don't judge me by my looks,I have many things to offer just please help me out or just take me to the nearest healing house so that I can be made full again ", said the witch , which she refused then the witch stabbed her rod to the ground and said to her, "for this you be done I will curse you and your people , no good thing will come out of this land by tomorrow, your farms and your crop products will rot to ashes for this sole reason of selfish attitude, I will only breakbthe curse if anyone of your people will make a rare flavoured cake that I agazar will taste and be satisfied if not the curse stands", the witch said. "You can't do anything", said the young lady and left.

It was just a sad day at the office for witch agazar,she packed her bag sorrowfully and aided her self , the next morning wasn't funny for everyone on the island, everything that the witch said happened everyone became confused and started asking questions"what's happening who did we offend ".

It wasn't long ago after the incident happened,the young lady that refused to help the witch started confusing to the people of the island about everything that happened and apologized to the people also stated the condition on which the curse will be broken. Everybody in the island started to make different kinds of cake with different flavors and brought to the witch which she ate and was not satisfied with what the people of the island brought to her, untill a little boy from the village made a white Chocolate Raspberry cake made from the little pieces of floor he got from his parents farm which was supposed to be used for his breakfast .

This gesture alone touched the witches heart which made her reconsider and reversed the curse and everything went back to normal.

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