The killer cat - The Ink Well Prompt #15: Cats



The case seems straightforward, in fact his boss considers it closed.

The deceased is an 80-year-old woman, who was found dead in her bed by a neighbor.

The cause, according to the coroner, is exsanguination, as his aorta artery was cut in the neck.

Her cat, which, according to friends and neighbours, slept in a corner of her bed, is blamed

The conclusions and preliminary investigations have developed a hypothesis: the feline, faced with the palpitation of the artery, which given the flaccidity of the muscles of the neck, product of age, could be seen without problems, with his nails in a reflex and wild act, broke it, when she was sleeping.

Since she lived alone and was taking medication to sleep, the woman bled to death without even realizing it. The cat, faced with the flow of blood that possibly moistened its front paws, ran away, leaving visible marks on the sheet.

Everything fits perfectly but his detective's nose with many years of experience tells him that something is not in place.

The animal has not been found and thanks to the descriptions given by those who knew him and to a photo in which the now deceased had on the headboard of her bed, he is wanted as another antisocial by the different law enforcement agencies and his photo has even appeared in local newscasts.

He is not an animal lover and does not know if there is any breed classification of these felines, for him it is a gray and black furry cat.

Everyone claims that he was playful and docile, that he was well cared for and was like a son to the woman, which has led him to ask himself thousands of questions.

It is the first time that the culprit of the death is a cat, and there is no history in the city of something similar.

If it were a person, one could imagine a sudden attack of anger or a mental problem, but there are no psychiatric institutes for felines, which suggests that they do not suffer from these symptoms, nor psychiatrists who can have a conversation with them, so they are in a dilemma, accept the case as closed or follow their instinct.

He began to read about these animals, to learn that they were sacred animals in Egypt and other things, he went to a veterinarian and he informed him that there was something similar to psychiatry that studied the behavior of animals and that these professionals were called ethologists, and he gave him the address of the only one that existed in the city.

When the man visited him, he looked at him strangely, at first he thought he had committed some fault since he was advising those who trained dogs in the police, but when he mentioned cat, he relaxed.

He had a long talk with the professional who supported his hypothesis that the cat was not the murderer, despite the strong evidence incriminating him.

He dedicated the whole week to the investigations without obtaining any results, so he had to obey the order not to stick his nose in the case.

Six months later he passed in front of the old woman's house and saw a car parked there, he thought she had been sold by the only son living abroad.

Because of those impulses that sometimes we can't avoid, a very attractive woman opened the door and said she was the wife of the son, who had moved in a month ago.

Everything seemed normal but she felt a certain fear in her so she focused her efforts on investigating both of them, since in the past, given their distance, it had not been done because she considered it unnecessary.

Like a bolt of lightning, the piece of the puzzle clicked into place.

The woman in question was a neighbor of the city and according to some neighbors was in the neighborhood offering beauty products on the days the old woman was murdered.

He arrested her by inventing an anonymous tip about a traffic accident in the past and, like a weaver crossing the threads, he led her to confess to the murder.

She acted in complicity with the son, cut the artery, took the cat that was sleeping on the bed, and made it all look like he did it, then murdered it and dumped it in the city dump.

The motive for the crime was the house, as she was going to sell it.

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