The-inkwell-micro-fiction-contest/ The Excitement Related to travelling by Railroad.


I was happy when Dad said we will be traveling by train the excitement in me couldn't hide it self as it burst out for all to see, they all look at me as i do everything joyfully in the house.

I go for errands as if i am not the guy they know, that made them perplexed, could this be Sam we know. The Way i attend to every needs of all the members in the house is Amazing.

As the last born in the house i am the only one who is yet to traveled by train as all my elder siblings has gone through train. They always come back to give wonderful stories of their journey on the railroads. Some of the things they use to say is the beauty of nature that they get to see as most of those things are barely seen in the city.

As a child i have always wanted to travel using that same means of transportation so that i can pass on the story to my friends who has always doubted me when ever i tell them of the experience my elderly once told me, their response has always been "Are you there to testify if what they told you is true or not" that has always weaken my spirit when ever i want to relate the stories to them.

But on several cases my Dad will always terminate my appointment of traveling with him as a result of misconduct from me. So this time around i have to be extra careful with my dealings at home so as not to offend him or anyone not to even the extent of terminating that trip.

The excitement became even more visible when i discovered the day has come and we are traveling for sure as my traveling appointment has not been cancelled.

We were seen off to the train station, there we boarded a train that was taking us from Abuja to Kaduna names of city in Nigeria.
At first the journey seems almost board as all i could see was still houses and the most annoying thing was that the train was moving slowly then i said to my self is this how we will get to Kaduna.

I have singed in for the worst trip of my life. I said to my self.

Then this thought popped into my head could my friends be saying the truth when they asked if i was there to testify to what my siblings were telling me.

But I was still been patient to observe the movement. I sat close to the window just to make sure i see everything as it was told. But since i could see nothing i fell asleep praying to get to Kaduna on time.

Sam my Dad woke me up see he pointed to the window, my eyes were blurry as looked to the window but it became clear when i saw some monkeys hanging on a tree but before i could take a good look at them the train zoomed off that's when i discovered the train was on a high speed woww.
This will be interesting i looked very carefully and discovered we are in a deep forest not quite long i came across some wild animals again and when i looked closely it was zebras.

We soon entered into a tunnel that was dark and terrifying for me who is a first timer. But not long enough we came out of the tunnel and it was bright again.
The trip lasted for 3 hours with interesting and exciting trip. we soon got to Kaduna. I was excited and glad i made that trip. I couldn't wait to return to Abuja through same route and tell my friends how true all those stories were and even tell them about the dark tunnel.

And also tell them how sweet it is to travel by Railroad.


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