The ink well round #15/ the old tale

God forbid it that i have Cat in this house.
This is my mum speaking..
The believe that all cat's are evil still run through her mind as they where told tales of how cats are used for evil act by my grandparent.

She even went further to tell me that.
One of my sister died as a result of evil perpetrated through a cat by one of their neighbor.
Mum how did you know this your neighbor is a guilty of your sisters death? i asked with curiosity.
And she responded that woman has plenty cats in her house and she live with no one, she stays alone in that house.
Is she not married? I asked again.
Nope she also killed her husband with those cats in her house and since ever then she has been alone as everyone is afraid of marrying her.
Do you know this cats have spiritual light in their eyes?
I was perplexed looking and wondering how true this could be. But then it reoccurred to me that their eyes gives colour mostly at night then we act like children as we always loom for cats just to flash light at them with the thought living in us as kids that they also on their light as we were told then, but the fact here is that they actually don't have the light in their eyes but rather gives reflection of light we flash on them this i got to understand when i grew up.

Mum but that's not through as i tried to convince her about the beauty of cats in the house.
How they can serve as pet and also can help serve as security, restricting the movement of rat in the house.

This is one of the reason why i initially wanted to employ the service of a cat in the house as we have tried so many possible ways of keeping the rats out of the house but all to no avail until i was advised to bring in cats.

See i won't accommodate cats in this house i have made my point clear, except you want all of us to die.
She still stand on her point.

Another mystery i wanted to be sure of then is the story i was told then the back of a cat doesn't touch the ground that the day it touches ground then that day happen to be the last day it will live on earth.

But how is that possible i asked can't one force it to touch the ground. But a friend said you can't that even when you try to force it, it slips out of one's hand and stand on it feet again what an amazing mystery.

So i kept that in My heart that i will try it someday as since i heard that story i never had the opportunity to train a cat in my house as my mum have total phobia for cats.

I took mum's say for granted and went ahead to get a cat for the house.
Yehhhhhh!! Jesusss!!! My mum shouted on her first sight on the cat i bought as i did it without her concent and the worst of it all is that it was night. And all i was hearing was blood of Jesus, holy ghost fire, i was in my room laughing when i heard her screaming on top of her voice. But i said nothing.
Trust me it was all night prayer in her room that night. I said to my self we are in trouble.
The next morning she called me and said the things i have been telling you about cat is about to happen. Yesterday night i saw a cat in this house and my prayers sent it away so please you have to be prayer full my son she said to me. I answered ok mama knowing fully well the drama that will continue to happen in that house i as she is bound to keep seeing that cat as long as she live in that house.

The cat did not show it self about 2 days, on the second day she saw a dead rat laying somewhere around her kitchen and she said can you imagine. God have catch this one on it way to my kitchen to steal my meat but i said nothing knowing fully well that it's not God but the cat I bought.

One week later mum called to me, it's like the number of rats in this house has reduced drastically. It's like they are tiered of staying here and perhaps decide to relocate. That was my response to her.

And i made my mind up not to tell her what is responsible for the reduction of rats before she will start giving me some ancient sermon that ALL CATS ARE EVIL.
But yhe mystery of their back is yet to be confirmed as i am looking for a vwtyer time to carryout that experiment.



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