The ink well fiction prompt#11/. Memory Lane.


Jake fell into trance and he found himself in a place,the expression on his face was wowwww.
Does a place like this exist. It was a wonderful experience, Jake didn't even notice he was standing on air until he made a move then he discovered he was just hovering around, wowwww do you mean people here don't walk. The place was glittering with light, reflection everywhere.
What amezes him most was when he made move and wanted to lean on a tree then a voice from the tree "Hi friend" he was shocked he turned around and wanted to run but then the tree followed him. What's the meaning of this jake asked. The meaning is that all creatures talk and walk in this place the tree replied.

Jake asked him self why am I here, just as he asked him self the question he saw a flier of a competition organized by one of his popular celebrity back on earth. I will like to attend this competition, but i want to go back am sure my parent will be looking for me by now all this were thought in his heart but to his greatest surprise the tree responded no one is looking for you and you are here to help you great grandpa. Jake in shoked asked who are you and what do you want from me? The tree replied i am your helper.
Who is my great grandpa? I don't know him because nobody ever told me about him, yes they never told you about him because they hated him for what he did not do.
They taught he walked away without saying goodbye.
But his friend murdered him.
Whaaaaaaaat!!!! Jake exclaimed.
Who is the perpetrator of this act? The man who organized this competition.
Ohhhhhhh my God,
and he was my greatest celebrity on earth. Yes, at the expense of your great grandpa. So how do i help my grandpa. His memory will soon be forgotten the tree replied and once it is he will vanish into enternity where you will not see him again even after life on earth.
Where is he? Jake asked again.
The tree took Jake to a place where a young man was lying down.
How can you call this man my great grandpa he is too young to be my great grandpa even my grandma is older than him. Yes the tree answered, here everyone remain the way he or she died. Does that mean my great grandpa died while he was still young yes the tree replied.
Jake his grandpa called how did you know me jake asked? There is no time for questions just make your way straight to earth as my daughter who is your grandma is gradually loosing my memory and once she do I will vanish forever. Oh no jake replied. His great grandpa removed his picture and gave to jake for memory sake.
Jake wanted to leave when a man appeared and it happened to be his greatest celebrity on earth get away you evil man you killed my grandpa. Yes and that's why you will not return to earth until he vanishes totally from here. Why did you do this to him Jake asked.
The man replied I only ceased my moment to get what i want. He never knew that the Audience were listening to him from behind and that was how he was exposed. And the crowd stoned him to death. And Jake's great grandpa was considered a great man.
Jake made his way back to earth where he met his grandma who narrated her father's story to Jake. And Jake told them all that happened.
Great Grandpa's picture was then placed in the living room and his memory ran through generation after Grandma's death.

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