The ink well contest#34. Witch, Island and cake.

Witches exist on planet earth Jake's mom will always say, trying to caution Jake on how he visit weird places.

Jake just turned 18.
He is now an adult and to some extent, he feels he is out of his mother's bondage.
A boy who loves adventure.

And so he goes on tour to adventurous places.

The issue Jake's mom has with him is the fact that he doesn't listen to her words he does what he feels is good to him thinking he is now an adult and can go ahead with whatsoever he likes.

He has visited places that seem to be terrifying, he goes there to snap pictures he uses to prove to the community that such things as witches, wizards, doesn't exist in such places.

Despite his effort to prove that such things don't exist, people are still scared to take the risk of visiting such places. Since history had it that so many visited such places and did not return.

But then there is a place that Jake is yet to visit which is the Kuvuki Island so many stories have come from that particular place. It's a strange place with a lot to talk about. Jake found it interesting to visit and see for himself.

His thought is always " that's how they talked about the remaining places but when I there is always a normal place for anyone to visit."

The more terrifying the story seems the more Jake puts his interest to go to such a place.

He was told that an old woman resides there and she takes the life of anyone who visits.

How she does that, no one knows.

Jake as usual will just laugh at the fairy tale.

The day he fixed to visit finally came, so he set out not minding the numerous warning from his mom.



It is just a 30-minute drive down there. So he took his scooter and drove all alone down to the Island.

When he go there he said to himself this is it. It's always the same story, where is the old woman? He asked himself.
So proceeded to his normal activities of snapping. It was more fun when he discovered some carcass on the floor.

Wow, how did these get here? Well this will be a nice stake and people will like to see how this place look like and that means a lot of money.

Jake turned his camera for a selfie after using the rear camera to make some capture.

Looking at the camera Jake discover an old woman was with him in the camera. When he turned he found nobody. This is a bit scary but it might be an illusion he said to himself. For the second time, he saw the same strange face turning this time around it was not an old woman but a very pretty tall lady standing right at his back.

For the very first time fear was written all over Jakes face, who are you he asked with a shivering tone.

Well, I am the custodian of this Island. You never took permission before coming so you will have to pay for trespassing.

Immediately that statement was made he discovered some movement on the cadavers, it began to join together when he raised his head to look again he discovered the young lady transformed herself into an old woman. All the tales are reality he said to himself as he took to his heels.

But then he discovered his legs were not as fast as he thought they will be and the old woman was fast in no time she caught up with him, strangled him.

Jake's breath was almost leaving him, he pleaded for mercy as he struggled.

It was then his mom woke him up from sleep where he was struggling seriously. That was when Jake discovered it's all dream. Thank God he said to himself.

Get up I made a cake for breakfast.
He got up could this be a sign for me not to go?

Will he still go?

It's left for us to decide thanks for passing by.

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