Full Moon Royalty.

It's a new moon. So all the people k knew it was going to be a great moment, jubilation has taken over the whole community as they dance all through the night.



Celebrating the appearance of the moon.

30 days from now the moon will become full and definitely, someone will get married.

It is usually done when the moon is full, all the young men will want to participate as it is not just an ordinary marriage it comes with all kinds of gifts and entitlement.

It's not just been married to any maiden but been married to the princess in the kingdom and that means being a royal body as well.

That means coming out of poverty.

So every young man in the community will not want to take chances as in regards to that.

Bola is a stranger in the community who has never been there he has stayed in another community for long with his parent.

Bola then decided to check on his grandmother whom he never visited since he was given birth to by his parent.

The night Bola came in is the night the people started celebrating the full moon.

What is going on? Bola asked his grandmother, they are celebrating the new moon, and what does it mean it means the king is about to give out one of his daughters for marriage to any man who is deemed fit to marry her and this is his last daughter the grandmother added.

When is this supposed to happen Bola asked 30 days from today. Wow, this will be interesting I am supposed to stay for just 14 days but I think I will wait until that day and who knows I might be the lucky one.

Are you strong the grandmother asked? You cant tell don't judge me by my physical appearance since Bola was a tall skinny guy with no muscles to prove if he is strong or not.

But what does one needs to do on that day?

You will have to wrestle with the young men in this community.

Is that all? Yes!!! Grandma replied. Then begin to consider yourself as a grandmother with the royal blood he said to his grandmother, and they both laughed at it as they both eat the roasted yam prepared by the grandma.

Finally, days count gradually with Bola enjoying his stay and patiently waiting for the day to come and it finally came.

Bola prepared and went to the venue which is the village square where all rights.

Bola got there he was amazed at what he saw, plenty of beautiful young ladies and huge guys waiting for the competition too.

Later a man just like a referee came up and announced for all contestants to queue up in a place Bola was surprised when he saw huge guys come up for the competition they are just five the referee said we need one more person to make them six. The fight is just in 2 rounds other guys were afraid to go out after a while Bola decided to join them. People laughed when they saw a skinny guy joining the queue.

They peered in 2s Bola was still wondering how he will beat the guy he was peered with. But the rule of the game is to put the back of your opponent on the ground that is the winning.

He said to himself how will I do this.

But he was tactical so he knew very well how to handle it Bola knew very well that it is not a matter of strength but tactics.

He studied the movement for each of them as they battle with each other first came there was a winner the second came there was also a winner and finally it was Bola's turn.

He walked into the field his opponent also did he looked straight into his opponent's eyes and what he saw was confidence.
Bola was convinced that he was going to win.

So the opponent rushed to pick him up but Bola observed and while the guy was rushing down Bola just gave way and held the guy by his right hand and then a slight touch on his leg then oops the guy found himself on the ground. And bola was declared a winner and best winner because he never struggled to get it.

The other two guys peered together they did and there was a winner and Bola is to go for the last round where the final winner will be awarded.

He got back and people were surprised to see Bola on the last round.

This time Bola observed the guy is tired since he has gone for 3 rounds.

When the referee gave the go-ahead the guy held him through him Bola was light that he could not hold his ground.

But then he was smart enough to control himself. The crowd laughed at him as he staggered. Again the guy made the same mistake of rushing Bola just like the other guy. Bola used the same tactics and then awwww people stand in awe as they watch this guy on the ground with his back.

And then Bola was declared the winner.

He became royal blood as he was handed over the last princess in the palace.

Was Bola's visit a kind of blessing Or what?

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