240 km

Jane shouted from the window please don't go i am almost through as she try as much as possible to be as fast as she can. Grandpa has already kicked the old tortoise car as we all refer to it as the structure of tue car looks like a tortoise.
He horned and it sound like children toy car, it was too old and that is one of the reason why grandpa wanted to start the journey on time as he knew he will not over speed and also will not want to stress the car. The car already was 8years old and grandpa.

Grandpa called Jane please we are running late i don't want us to spend late hour's while driving as you know we are going on 240km so please be fast, ok daddy she replied.
What are you even preparing? Grandpa asked, I am making a Bacon for the children so that they will not go hungry while on road. The children where all excited as they sat filled with joy at the backseat of the wagon.

All right Jane made her way out of the house with an already prepared bacon sausage for the children and they were all excited with what they saw.

Now we are set for the trip as grandpa kicked the car and they proceed. The children looked at Jane from the window as they wave her goodbye and she waved back at them.
The children were excited traveling with Grandpa as he drives slow and steady while the children view big mansion by the road side through the window.
They traveled about 100km when the car over heated Grandpa was disturbed as he gently parked the car by the road side as they wait for few minutes just for the car to get cold.
The children brought out the already prepared bacon sausage and kept them selves busy with it untill the car got cold as they continue their journey as they still had about an 140km to cover. They traveled until the children grew tired of the journey and they soon slept off in the car that they did not even get to know when they arrived Grandpa's place.
We are home grandpa screamed as his wige ran out of the house to see her grandchildren when they slightly opened their eyes and discovered they are in Grandpa's mansion, they jumped up out of excitement knowing fully well they have freedom in Grandpa's house to do what ever they want to do without restrictions.

It was not easy trying to see how this words will be linked to each other to bring out something good. There are times it will be very easy to relate and times when it will be very difficult to bring out something i tell you this one was not that easy to me. But thanks for passing bye.

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