The Ink Well Weekly Fiction Prompt #2: The Moment When.../ First anniversary

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To honour February I have created this elementary, universally themed, story in the setting of @theinkwell's call.

The Ink Well Weekly Fiction Prompt #2: The Moment When...



First anniversary

It was Sunday. That morning Darna was drowsy between the sheets. The first time she opened her eyes it was lightening day. Beside her, Tomas slept. Darna watched him for a while, his sword folded, his hands between his knees. That fetal position gave him a babyish air that touched Dana.

A libidinal lightning flash went through the young lover's spine. She smiled, snuggled close to her lover and curled up next to him. She fell asleep again, the smile etched on her face.
Two hours later she was awakened by the distant smell of coffee. On the bedside table, a breakfast tray announced a delight of flavours.

After reading the note Tomas had written telling her he would be back in two hours, and as she sipped her warm coffee and savoured the toast spread with fresh strawberry jam, Darna thought about how her life had changed since love had come into her life.

She used to be - so she wanted to appear to everyone - an efficient and punctual girl at work, but, despite her impeccable appearance, there was an air of sadness about her.

She lived alone, the daughter of divorced parents, and now lived her life far away from them. The last time they took a picture of the little family together Darna was sixteen years old. That was the photograph she was looking at now, part of an arrangement of pictures in the corner of the room. All the moments portrayed her childhood.

She had lived, since leaving for university, only to fulfil her plans for professionalisation and promotion in the design company where she worked. There she was highly appreciated and had become indispensable, because of her artistic judgement, in the company's decision making.

It was at that moment that she met Tomas. At first they seemed to be beings of different tastes.Darna exuded a modernist force, like her high-contrast art. Defined, orderly and clean spaces to the extreme, everyone said that her art was identical to hers. Tomas was a young, but successful veterinarian, unconcerned, most of the time, with forms.

Darna loved to walk in the evenings among the great buildings of the city, visiting galleries and admiring the call of the billboards illuminated to the full by the powerful lights. Tomas loved clear skies where he could watch the birds fly. He liked to be home at night to go to bed early. Darna had grown accustomed to making punctual phone calls to her parents, holiday dates, birthdays. Tomas did the opposite, keeping in close contact with his parents.

The lovers had found each other, and despite their differences, they had managed to get along, each learning to enjoy some of the other's tastes.

The sound of the street door brought Darna out of her thoughts. She looked up to see Tomas entering the room, his hands behind his back, smiling at her.
When he reached her side, he placed a colourful bouquet of tiny flowers in front of her.

"Happy anniversary, love," he said.
"What day is it today?" said Darna, surprised.
"It's the twelfth of February, one year since we met.
"Twelve, today is twelve?"

"Yes, my dear clueless one, I knew you would forget, that's why I wanted to surprise you. Take your flowers, my gift is a big hug. I'm waiting for it."

Darna took the flowers and clung to Tomas' neck. They celebrated, at that moment, their anniversary with a kiss.

At noon, Darna left Tomas for a moment in the kitchen and went to her desk, opened her diary and there she saw that she was in the middle of her fertile days. The dates stood out, marked in blue.

At that moment she realised that she might be pregnant. She felt the clash of a variety of contradictory feelings and a succession of thoughts ran through her mind. She had dedicated herself completely to her career, she didn't want anything to disturb that development which gave her great satisfaction and in which a large part of her true self was engaged.

Tomas's voice calling out to her brought her out of her daze: would she tell him of his concern, how would he react? They had shown absolute trust in each other from the moment they became sweethearts. Now, precisely today, on their anniversary date, she vacillated between telling him about her dilemma or letting the days pass until she was certain of the situation.

Tomas was already placing the plates on the table. In the centre stood the bottle of wine of the same brand as the first one they had drunk together.

Darna decided to share her concern with Tomas. She came into the kitchen, took him by the hand and led him to the desk. There she showed him, in the diary, the week they were living. Tomas was shocked, staring at the blue markings.

Darna had to lift her face. She wanted to see his full reaction. He looked at her in silence. A smile struggled to leave his lips, but at the same time a sense of gravity filled him. She asked him if he imagined what she was feeling. He replied that he didn't really, but maybe, he did, because he knew where she wanted to go from the moment they met.

After the short conversation Tomas hugged her tightly, told her that they would wait for the days to pass, but that they should enjoy their lunch now.

He pulled out the chair for Darna to sit in and asked her, in a ceremonious voice, if she would like a glass of wine or just water.

Darna said she would drink water today. Tomas filled two glasses of water, put the wine in the fridge, then sat down next to her. "Happy first anniversary, my love," he said raising his glass of water. Darna clinked her glass with her boyfriend's and replied serenely, "Happy anniversary my love".

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