The Ink Well Prompt #15: Cat

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Mom, Dad, I am getting married Rose ran to her mom to inform her about Christina's proposal to her at the field and how she answered a 'Yes' to him.

Her parents were so happy that their daughter's boyfriend had finally decided to tie the knot with their daughter and settle down. Her parents were happy that their wish had finally come to pass.

The next day, Christian's family visited Rose's family, the necessary plans were made and the date for the wedding was set.

The day for the wedding came and thousands of people graced the occasion as Rose walked down the aisle with her father to meet her husband-to-be. The wedding was an eventful one.

After two months of staying away in England, they decided to come back to their hometown and start up their family close to their family and friends.

They got back, got a new apartment, and packed in their stuff into their new apartment.

What they did not know was that in the basement of that house, a mighty cat lived there and only came out in the middle of the night to look for its prey and return to its hiding place.

Rose and Christian were not aware of this and on their night of packing into the house, while Rose was rummaging for something close to the basement, she heard some noises but did not pay attention to where the noise was coming from.

She left the basement and went back into their room. When she got into the room and shut the door. She was lucky to have shut the door because she wasn't aware that the cat was actually behind her.

Rose felt strange, but she just couldn't tell why she felt that way. Like something was wrong with the house.

Although the house was a big beautiful mansion, she kept asking why everyone deserted a house as beautiful and big as this.

Rose screamed and woke up from her sleep. when she woke up, she was shocked to find her husband by her side who has been trying to wake her up from the terrible nightmare she was having but all to no avail.

When Rose finished narrating her dream about the big cat that are them all up, her husband couldn't help but laugh at Rose's dream.

The next day, while Rose's husband was away, she decided to complete the cleaning and packing of the house. She heard the strange noise and got scarred remembering the dream she had last night.

Rose began to move backward as her eyes widen to what she saw in the basement of their new house. A big cat was walking out with its mouth and claws dripping and soaked with blood.

Rose did not know where she got the strength from but she ran out of the basement and began to lock all the doors to their rooms that the cat could have access to. She ran into their bedroom, picked up her phone, and called Christian.

Upon hearing Rose's scary voice, Christian left his office and drove back home. Unfortunately, he came at the wrong time as the cat was still trying to get access into the room.

When the cat heard the roaring of the engine, he began to move out to check where the noise was coming from. From afar, it sighted Christin coming out of the car and knocking on the door for Rose to open

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When Rose heard Christians' engine come to a stop, she started calling him on his phone but unfortunately, Christian forgot his phone inside his car. She ran out of the room to inform him to stay away from the doors and call for help.

Before Rose could come out, the cat was already launching t Christian and in the process of struggling, it tore Christians' forearm skin. Luckily, Christian was able to get himself freed as he began to run as fast as his legs could carry him out of the compound.

Luckily, he found a hunter who saw him and decided to help him. The hunter came in with his hunting tools and the battle between the hunter began. It took a while, not but finally, the hunter was able to kill the cat successfully.

They thanked the hunter for rescuing them while Christian was treated by Rose and both decided to pack out of the house.

This wasn't an easy one but I am glad. Thanks

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