The Ink Well Prompt #14: Railroad

Howdy guys, when I saw this prompt I was wondering if I want to participate in the root because I have never done it.

Looking back into the topic of the prompt, I decided to hop on the train and see if I can cook something out of my head lols...

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Sitting back in her room, Karen was missing her hometown and family. It has been three years since she left her family and small town to come and study in the big city of New York and as such, she has been there and not gone back home for the past three years because of the transportation down to her home town can not be met in just a week.

Considering her family background, even if she wished to have traveled down to see her parents and her two sisters, Karen couldn't because she is from a poor background and didn't want to disturb her parents for any financial issues as such, Karen had to get a job to help her meet her needs.

She has been working for the past there years and has saved enough money for her transportation and would be leaving just after her graduation.

Eagerly waiting for that day, Karen had taken a little money from her savings to get a present for her parents and her sisters since it is close to Christmas.

She did not tell her parents that she would be coming for Christmas and wanted to take them by surprise.

The next day, Karen, had to check everything one more time to make sure all the will be needing are all in her luggage before she left for her graduation.

After checking and re-checking to make sure everything was in place, she picked her graduation gown and left for the school.

So many thoughts went through her, she does not know what next will become of her life after graduation but one thing she was sure of was that she was going to make her family proud.

With a smile, Karen climbed up to the podium to receive her certificate for having the best grade in her class.

Karen couldn't just stop smiling as she was in the spotlight for that occasion. When the graduation came to a close, Karen went back home, picked her already set luggage, and set put it for the train as she already had booked her train before now to be sure that she would be leaving on time.

She would have preferred a car but, but it would be a long journey so she preferred to use the train so she can get home on time and not miss Christmas Eve to be able to present her family the gift she had bought for them.

Getting to the train with her ticket, she got in and looked for a suitable place to sit which was close to the window.

The train whistled as it started its journey. Karen couldn't help but shudder as she tried to imagine what her parent's faces would look like after these years of not seeing but only hearing from them.

Karen did not know when she drifted into sleep and began to dream about her family and how happy her family is.

She can not tell how long she slept but she was jolted out of her sleep by the noise and movement of people who were trying to get out of the train, that was when she realized that the train has come to the end of the road.

Karen regained herself and was about to pick her luggage when she found out that it was no longer where she kept it. Fear gripped her by when she turned, she found a pair of blue eyes looking at her and smiling with her luggage.

Karen just did not know whey but she was drawn by his smile, his eyes, and so she followed him out of the train. Karen just didn't know why, but she felt that meeting him was the beginning of a new life for her. Hand in hand, they walked out of the train and Karen just did not believe she found him on the train.

This is my piece of The Ink Well Prompt #14: Railroad and I hope you will like it.

Thank you for reading through my blog. Your comments are appreciated.
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