A recipe of different tea
Blended together
Brewed together
It's aroma pleasant
It's taste tranquil
It's richness satisfying
How long will the recipe live?

Back in the 18th century in London, the family of Blackhold has been known for their unique blend of tea which is usually hand picked by workers of the tea farm. James Blackhold was the man who came up with a unique blend of tea that people in his village love and this particular blend of tea was called "TEA-TIMEY''. This legacy has been passed down from generation to generation in the Blackhold family and never for its secret to be exposed to outsiders. Though a lot of people have coveted this particular recipe from the Blackhold family to make it theirs, the recipe has been protected by the Blackhold family throughout their lives.

It is the year 2021. Steve, a direct descendant of James Blackhold is to take over the "TEA-TIMEY" company in a few days from his father Douglas. Steve is the only child Douglas has, but he has been stalling from handing over the company to his son. He is scared that Steve might someday wake up and sell the family tea recipe to an outsider for drugs. Will Douglas hand over the company?


"Dad, it's been six months that you have told me that you will hand over the company to me, but you keep on coming up with excuses, why?".

Douglas, sat in his office chair, dressed in a pan blue suit with grey stripes, and a navy blue tie. "You know I have my reasons, I want you to see this period as a period of self evaluation. Steve, you are not getting any younger, you need to decide whether you want to be a real man or you want to keep doing drugs?"

Steve looked at his father furiously and charged out of his father's office while he kept mumbling words only he could hear.


It's been two days since Douglas and his son spoke.

"Sir, your meeting for 4pm is now", said a young man who knocked Mr Douglas' office door. He was dressed in black suit, black tie, sky blue shirt and a Sweden black shoe. Joe has been his right hand man for about ten years. Douglas practically treats him like his son. Joe opened the door when there was no response and saw him on the floor pale.

"No, no, no, Mr Douglas can you hear me?. Oh Bloody hell!"

Joe immediately took him to the hospital, but unfortunately before they got there, he died. Who killed Mr Douglas?



It's been two weeks since the funeral of Mr Douglas, Steve had been named the CEO of "TEA-TIMEY" company, but a staff in the company seems to have abruptly resigned, Joe the right handman of Mr Douglas.

Two men in casual clothes came into Steve's office and said, "Sir, you requested to see us?.

"Yes I did. So any report about Joe? Or where he has been for the past two weeks?".

The two men replied, "Sir, Joe has been off the grid for the past two weeks, no use of debit cards and no appearance on any security camera".

Steve, looking so angry and frustrated, threw his table clock across the office in anger.

"So you mean to tell me you cannot find him anywhere?! But his tattooed skinhead makes him obvious for God's sake!". He then said, "Now, get out! OUT!".

Steve picked his phone and made a call out. "Hey, are you prepared? Has the auction blacksite been set?"

A robotic voice replied on the other end, "Yes, but remember, it is not too late for you to back out if you don't really have the TEA-TIMEY recipe because we will come for your head if it doesn't work out".

"How dare you doubt me. Be ready in 30".

Steve hung up, put on his suit jacket and swung open an iron lead box containing the recipe for "TEA-TIMEY" tea blend and smiled. He then closed the box and took it with him to be delivered codely for the auction buyer.


"Sir, he is about to sell the recipe, what do we do?".

"Calm yourself Joe, you know I always have plans".

Joe looked at Mr Douglas, sitting on a sofa drinking his whiskey like the brilliant gentleman he is. Douglas looked at him and smiled, "you know if not for you I would have been dead. You saved me Joe and my son thinks I am dead. I feel terrible for faking my death, but I tell you it is a good thing and I am glad I took your advice".

There was a beep sound from the computer far north of the room they were in. "The auction has started, let's buy back my recipe", Douglas said as he gestured for Joe to sit close to him.

30 mins later...

Douglas and Joe successfully won the bid for the "TEA-TIMEY" recipe with a sum of ten million dollars. No one on the site could beat their offer. Douglas looked at Joe and said, "it is time for us to get the recipe so that I get to reveal my killer". Joe smiled, "at least I get to see his face when he sees you alive and well".


Steve was in his office waiting for the call to hear that the auction was successful and that the recipe had been sold. Not long after, his phone rang and he answered the call.

"Hey, how was the auction?"

A robotic voice replied on the other end, "yes, we have a buyer already for ten million dollars and your share will be wired into your bank account in less than 20 mins".

Then, there came the sound of multiple claps from supposed dead Mr Douglas. Steve stood up immediately while his phone fell to the ground. Behold, it was his father in the flesh with Joe by his side and three police officers. Steve broke out in cold sweat and said, "but I thought I killed you. How are you alive?!".

Joe replied, "your plan failed Steve, but why would you drug your father's whisky?".

Mr Douglas walked up to his son and whispered into his ears, "you are such a disappointment to our bloodline, to me and your mother. May her soul rest in peace and she will be so disappointed in you".

"You can arrest him now officers" Douglas gestures for the policemen to arrest his son. Steve began to shed tears uncontrollably and then he managed to say before he was taken away, "this is the end for me, right dad?" Douglas was speechless and couldn't utter a word to his son before the officers took him away to face the law.


A week later, Joe was named the CEO of "TEA-TIMEY" company while Mr Douglas retired and trusted Joe would take the company to greater heights.

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