Record from the Legendary archive|| The ink well fiction writing #prompt 9

In a small town in kovuki land, Austin visited an ancient library and had drawn out a parchment from the archive covered with dust and cobwebs. something seems to have drawn the old historian's attention to the locked drawer with a red symbol attached to it. Carefully he cleared off the cobwebs losing the red rope fastened on it. "In 2050, the dogs and cats will rule this human society for a day" the record stated. Austin burst into laughter, it's impossible he said, falling off the stool and making jest. He took his little kitty strangling its neck softly "so one day you're going to rule me?" He laughed hard throwing the cat out of the window. As he staggered back to the library of books, he was startled inferring the same document had prophecied about many ingenuity that had come true. Now he was curious "he should read the sequence of events to follow to substantiate the reality of this prophecy" he said to himself. He couldn't explain why his hands started trembling to have made the parchment lose on his fist.


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It was the year 2049, Austin worried about the proximity of the year to this legendary prophecy chirped on his dog and cat. He wasn't sure if it was his dreadfulness that had transformed the dog and cat into huge soldiers matching around the room or the prophecy coming to fulfillment, He screamed running down the stairs, and boom! his full weight landed on the marble floor before he could make it to the door. His eyes remained closed as he sensed the presence of his two pets, gradually he opened his eyes peeping at them, and realized they're just his unharmful pet standing beside him and panting.

"Yes, Come in" an old man about the age 500, who now sticky and blind welcomed Austin in. He could barely speak.
"Wise man" Austin started and narrated the prophecy to him.
The old man laughed, "so why are you afraid of the dog and cat ruling the world for a day?"
" It only tells of humans as been weak"
"Maybe the humans are truly weak, no one knows, until the dogs and cats take the government for a day" he pondered for a while then continued. " Though the legendary prophecy is near, if it ever comes true, it will be at night when men are sleeping".

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