Drunk in love|| The Inkwell fiction writing

"Stuck on the ocean with James, I begin to wonder if I had taken the right decision, I was drunk in love and wasn't going to come out from it any sooner. I stared persistently from the window admiring the clouds and birds of the air, we were on a run to an unknown land.*

My name is jane Jackson, I am slim, tall and I'm a beautiful lady in my 20s. I grew up in a wealthy home, lacking nothing. James was the complete opposite of who I was; fat, short, and he was from a poor family. Falling in love with him was a mystery but when I did, I became intoxicated with him.
"We don't want to see that boy here again", my parents will warn.
But there was something about him I couldn't let go of, despite his background, he was soft, humble, and gentle, he knew exactly what to say at every moment.
"Jane, we want you to be happy, and we can't see that with James" my mum will say. By happiness, she was judging on one's state of affluence. "We will espouse you to the governor's son" my mum will say to portray the kind of suitor she wanted for me.

"I don't want to lose you," James told me.
"Then allow me to come with you" I requested
"You shouldn't let time fight for us"
"The time is now" I insisted.
I knew my parents never change their minds after making a decision, and I wasn't ready to become espouse to the governor's son. Unlike James, he was rude and full of himself. I knew I will be happy with James and I was ready to do anything even if it meant running away with him to Egypt.


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"We are living by midnight, I shall await you by your window side under the olive tree"
At midnight, I climbed down through my window and met with him. He was well dressed in suits, holding a suitcase. He was sweating profusely, staring at all corners. "Let's go quickly" dragging me by my hands, suddenly he fell throwing some containers that awoke my dad who rarely sleeps deep. "Who's there" he questions shinning his torchlight in the direction of the noise, quickly James stood up running into the garden that was dark, shaded from the illumination of the moonlight. Just as I was about running into the garden his light lighted on my face "jane" he called out. "Thief" he shouts out running down the stairs but before he could make it to the garden we have gone.

Immediately he called the police and informed them his daughter had been kidnapped by a man. All roads were blocked the following morning with several roadblocks mounted. If we ever wanted to embark on our journey successfully, then it would be through the sea.

The wave was heavy wavering our ship in a different direction as if leading to a shipwreck. The uproar became tougher as it approaches the shore, I begin to wonder if I had taken the right decision, running away with James and going on this journey. At dawn, we arrived in Egypt all exhausted from the stress and dreadful storm. "Thank You for choosing me," James said in a soft tone that convinced me I had taken the right decision.

The search for me and James continued. But and James came back after 10 years, now married with two children. My parents welcomed us. They were now old and sticky in age. happy to see their daughter again, a chop of pork and beef meat was served for the reunion "Sorry, we made you take the hard choice but we paid for it, there was no day we did not regret our actions". They gave us their blessings and advice that we come back home.

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