The ink well prompt #34 Island, witch and cake


"Every god is good if a man appeals to the god well".
There was an Island called Escopa in the Middle of the ocean Zioc flowing through the Estendel and 6000 meters afar from the sandy shore at both sides. Escape Island has about 500 square kilometers of land, a beautiful Island of witches leaving in harmony for over 100AD with each other and the gods of the oceans. Farming, selling, and all kinds of life activities were found within them.

The first witches of Escopa settlement were privilege to trade with any village of the world as canoes were paddle by the villagers they trade with, attended each other market day and lived life to the fullest, and no human, animal, and trees were harmed until the last witch of the first generation took a soul of a canoe man who used to lived in Arimate, that made the gods of the ocean angry and the villages seized to trade with them, that was the genesis of their suffering. The drought came upon the land and they began to practice irrigation systems but their hard labor will yield only a few crops which gave way to hunger and witches fighting to consume each other. The gods of the ocean kept them barren from humans for 300 years. The mothers of seven witches held a meeting on the pinnacle to find a lasting solution to the problems of the land, after a long-lasting discussion, Mamuno (the eyes to the gods) was summoned to the meeting to say what the gods of the ocean demands and she said, the gods of the ocean demand the last witch as a sacrifice to restore the land but... she kept quiet for some seconds and said we have no path to communicate with people and to trade with them and she left. The seven witches of the table had no good choice rather than to sacrifice and have food in abundance. They became happy again on the Island.

Time and season gave birth to change and everything was fine. On the Island, Levenze (the mother of all witches) had a sister called Hapuna who had a quest for knowledge, the ocean deposited many used materials on the Island from the east side of the coastlands by humans. She was inquisitive and wanted to create a path to see the other world of humans, she pick up a can malt, a doll baby, and some package cake on the sandbank of the Island and took them to her hidden place. A usual day came to pleased the gods as the custom of the Escopans do, they sacrifice a goat and cook food and give it to Mamuno and she will place all the pleasing gifts on the shrine, and no one was allowed to go into the shrine except Mamuno but Hapuna finds her way inside after several years of attempts to know how the gods eat such foods. She stayed hidden behind a rock in the cave and wonder when will the gods eat the food!. Hapuna unknown to her the consequences of eating the god's food went ahead and ate what they served the gods and replace it with her doll baby, can malt, and ran away. Evening came and it became cloudy as if heaven was on earth, it will rain heavily soon said Levenze but this cloud seems the gods must be angry with us.

It rain and over flooded the Island that night. Hapuna and five others survived by hanging over on a tree branch with her bags and a cake which she found on the shore. They hold on to the branches until it took them to the river banks close to a settlement called Diko and we're unconscious. The villagers and the king surround them and planned to kill them all but Hapuna pleaded with the king and the king said you have nothing to offer and we don't trust you since the last time one of you took the soul of a canoe man. Hapuna confessed that she was the cause of what had happened to her people, and offer the king a "Cake" the king took a bite and stood with no words for a while and finally he accepted them into his community and they became one.

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